CISABROAD BLOG · July 17, 2014 · 1 Min Read
Meet CIS Abroad Argentina Site Director

Meet Marina, CISabroad Argentina Site Director

“My goal as the Site Director in Argentina is that students get to love my city as much as I do! I want them to take ownership of it, feel local, get to know what it offers and depending on their interests, how to enjoy it the most.” -Marina

Selfie at Palermo

July 2014, Selfie at Palermo

To know her is to love her. Marina, an Argentinean  born in Buenos Aires, is the CISabroad on-site director for semester and summer programs. She studied at the University of Buenos Aires and received her BA in Social Communications. Her passion is travel! Perfect, right? As soon as students arrive in Argentina she surrounds them with the full experience of living and studying in Buenos Aires through alternative ways. If you are a vegetarian she can definitely help you find a way to taste grilled vegetables – chimichurri, Argentine style.  We value Marina because she continues to encompass student’s feedback, listen to their goals, and with CISabroad offer immersive expertise to build upon and deliver a memorable program. What does Marina do during her free time? She practices Yoga, takes drama lessons and enjoy meeting with friends. Interested in studying abroad to Argentina? Leave a comment with questions or contact our office 877-617-9090. Deadlines for a Spring Semester Abroad to Argentina is November 1. It will be here before you know it!

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