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#LivingOurBestLife as One of the Top Overall Study Abroad Providers of 2018

You reviewed your study abroad experiences on And CISabroad came out on top 🤩!  In their first ever Community Choice Awards, GoOverseas recognized CISabroad as one of the Top Overall Study Abroad Providers of 2018.

You might ask: Is CISabroad living their best life?
We’re like:

Top overall study abroad provider

So, What Are Go Overseas’ Community Choice Awards?

The Go Overseas Community Choice Awards recognize the best travel organizations and study abroad providers in the world. Go Overseas hosts reviews of over 10,000 providers, which means they had thousands of reviews to consider for the awards! Winners for the Top Overall Study Abroad Providers category won based solely on student’s program reviews.

How did They Choose the Top Overall Study Abroad Providers of 2018?

To find the top overall study abroad providers of 2018, Go Overseas looked at every review left on their site between January 1, 2018 and December 31, 2018. Any provider who received three or more reviews was considered.

Go Overseas looked at the average scores each provider received across all their programs and categories. First, they averaged each provider’s scores, then weighted the score based on the number of reviews each provider received.

With 316 total reviews and an average satisfaction rating of 94% on, we’re extremely thankful to every student who reviewed their CISabroad experience (and we feel pretty confident that we deserved this award ☺️).

Some of the Reviews that Landed Us in the Top:

Semester in Thailand – Mahidol University


“CISabroad coordinated airport picks up, which trust me, after coming off from a 17.5-hour flight from China, and another 2-hour flight to Bangkok was NECESSARY. Getting to the housing to the airport was very easy. It struck me on my first night there, after I had walked to 7/11, how natural I felt there. At the pre-departure orientation at my university, a representative from CISabroad came who has been to the university in Thailand. She was able to outline for me some day-to-day things I could expect, like wearing a uniform, eating at 7/11, and the importance of carrying cash (fun fact! many places in Thailand don’t take credit cards). I felt supported when I was there, enough so that I could live my life abroad the way that I wanted to. I couldn’t have done it without CISabroad!”

Linden Pearsall, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Semester in Thailand – Mahidol University, Spring 2018

Summer in Japan – Seisen University

instagram q&a japan_SU18_Summer in Japan_Joanna Kristine Ninal_Kean University1“From the moment I landed and met with my program advisor and coordinator Jeff Sinding, I knew I was going to have a great experience in Tokyo. Because of CISabroad, I was able to be located in a quiet neighborhood called Nakanobu, Tokyo. My school was located in Gotanda, which was just two stops away. My school was beautiful and my apartment was cozy. Everything was so convenient because CISabroad placed us by multiple restaurants and grocery stores that sell affordable produce. There’s really nowhere else where I can get such a great deal of a program that provides housing, guides you to multiple transportation options, education, and a phenomenal experience. If I could study abroad again, I would sign up with them in a heartbeat.”

Joanna Kristine Ninal, Kean University, Summer in Japan – Seisen University, Summer 2018

Intern in Australia

SP18_Intern in Australia_Grace Sears_Western Washington University

“I spent 3 months interning in Sydney, Australia and within the first few weeks it felt like home! I knew every nook and cranny of that city! After working my Internship hours for the day I would make sure to schedule adventure days around the city via Public Transportation. I felt like a local by the first week! I felt safe no matter what time of the day it was. Not only did I get to know the city, but I also made incredible life long friendships. To this day – a year after my journey – I still talk to my foreign friends! I feel like I’ve been spoiled because my internship fit my needs perfectly and the company supported me through one on one training. CISabroad is awesome!”

Grace Sears, Western Washington University, Intern in Australia, Spring 2018

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