CISABROAD BLOG · March 29, 2016 · 2 Min Read
Livin’ La Vida Local: London Edition

Erin K

Erin K. studies Media Arts and Design at James Madison University, and is spending a Semester in London with CISabroad. Read on to learn about some of her favorite spots to explore in London! Follow Erin’s personal blog here for more great inside tips.

If you are planning to spend some time in London and want to avoid the traditional tourist sites like Big Ben and the London Eye, here is a list of some of my favorite local things to do:

La vida local London 11) Primrose Hill- This is a hill in central London located across the street from Regent’s Park. After a small climb to the top, you are rewarded with breathtaking views of the whole city. On a nice day, take a picnic and enjoy the cityscape.

La vida local London 2

2) Little Venice- If you feel like you have seen enough of the busy London streets, take a break and stroll through Little Venice along Regent’s canal. This is a beautiful walk with incredible scenery that will actually make you feel like you are strolling through Italy. If you need a snack, there are a few cafes located in boats on the canal.

La vida local London 3

3) T2- While you are in London, chances are you will walk down Oxford Street. If you get cold and need a break inside, T2 is the store to hit. They have a selection of hundreds of teas, and the best part, you can try any one. They usually have about 8 teas brewed and ready to taste, but if you want another flavor, they will brew it for you. FOR FREE!

La vida local London 4La vida local London 5

4) Draughts- This café, located in the hipster part of London (Shoreditch), is not your typical café. When you walk in to the relaxed atmosphere, you help yourself to one of their many board games and play with your friends while sipping coffee or cocktails. It is like being at home when you are not. This is the best place for a rainy day, but watch out, as it can be busy on the weekends.

Discover your own favorite spots explore in London with a CISabroad Summer or Semester in London Program.


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