CISABROAD BLOG · October 23, 2017 · 3 Min Read
QUIZ! What kind of Global Traveler are you?

Find out what kind of global traveler you are!

Although you’ll be faced with many big decisions in life, making the choice to study or intern abroad is definitely one you should say YES to!

Because we’ve helped so many students study and intern abroad, we know it can be an overwhelming process. There are academic considerations, financial aid to line up, as well as making sure the program offers the experiences and inclusions you’re looking for. Having access to an advisor (either through CISabroad or on your university campus) can be a big help as you narrow down your choices.

But let’s get to the real reason why you’re here: to find out just which kind of global traveler you are.

Which of the statements below sounds most like you? Don’t be surprised if the study or intern abroad program of your dreams is somewhere you never thought of going. A huge part of exploration is being open to where the journey takes you. Prepare to find the program of your dreams, future wanderer!

CISabroad Best Value ProgramsYou want the best bang for your buck.

And why wouldn’t you? Studying or interning abroad is a huge investment — in your future. That said, you still want to make sure you’re making the most of your experience.

CISabroad’s Best Value programs offer an incredible value and are packed with everything you could want to have an action-packed, transformative experience abroad and more, including a great cost of living, the most potential for credits, the most cultural immersion activities, the most travel, and the best excursions!

 CISabroad Hot Destinations programsYou have your pulse on the next big thing.

Forget being in the loop – you ARE the loop. Maybe people ask you where you found out about that cool new app or where you got those shoes.

CISabroad’s Hot Destinations programs offer some of the most exciting destinations around the globe. Programs make this list because they are among our most popular student favorites. In fact, if you’re looking for programs that offer more opportunities for interaction with CISabroad students, look no further!

CISabroad Hot Destination ProgramsYou want to take the “road less traveled.”

Not one to follow the crowd, you don’t want the “typical” study abroad experience – you feel the push of wanderlust and want to explore parts of the globe most unlike our own.

Maybe you want to study or intern abroad in a country you may not have considered at first. If you’re looking for tried and true programs that fly under the radar, CISabroad’s Off the Beaten Path programs are for you. Staff Picks programsYou like suggestions!

Open to just about anything, you’re curious what others would recommend and are looking for some ideas to get started.

Check out some of CISabroad’s Staff Picks programs — from our leadership to our University Relations team, we’re happy to give personal recommendations!

Now that you know what kind of global traveler you are, you have some ideas of where you can have a transformative study or intern abroad experience. So what’s stopping you? We want to hear your questions!

Take the next step – reach out to our helpful advisors over email, chat, or phone – 877.617.9090. Browse our newest catalog online. If you know which program you’re interested in, get ahead of the game and start your application at

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