CISABROAD BLOG · February 12, 2019 · 2 Min Read
Video Round-up | Jordan’s Semester on the Gold Coast

It goes without saying that students are living their best lives while studying abroad, but no great accomplishment comes without great challenge. From bidding adieu at the airport to making a foreign country a new home, CISabroad students thrive in education abroad.

Scroll down for a deep dive into one student’s experience in Australia during our Semester on the Gold Coast – Bond University program.

#StudentStories from Australia

Jordan Washington, a legal studies major at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, spent Spring 2018 on the Gold Coast of Australia. Our video coordinator met up with him at Bond University and interviewed him about his experience abroad.

Video #1: Taking Off on a New Adventure

“Being a college student and studying abroad, you are actually alone for the first time, if that makes sense. This experience is about you finding yourself and understanding the culture around you. It’s a new experience, and it’s only an experience you can have for yourself.”

Video #2: Jordan’s Experience on Bond University Campus

In the second video in this series, Jordan talks about why he chose CISabroad, what makes Bond University different from his home university, and how to best impress an Aussie!

“When I went to my study abroad fair I saw a lot of programs, but CISabroad provided more opportunities in terms of excursions, learning more about the culture, and the safety I would feel.”

Keep your eyes out for the third video in this series, coming soon!

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