CISABROAD BLOG · August 9, 2019 · 1 Min Read
How to Use Financial Aid for Study Abroad

Did you know you can use your financial aid for study abroad? See how easy it is at CIS Abroad by watching this video. 

Busy? Skip ahead to get the info you need:

0:30 | Financial Aid Process

2:47 | Outside Scholarships

3:10 | Hiccups

We want to make sure studying or interning abroad is as inexpensive as possible for you. And while our program prices are some of the most affordable you’ll find, we want to help you find even more ways to reduce your costs. Rest assured that we will work closely with you and your institution’s financial aid office in order to make your process getting abroad as smooth as possible. 

More Resources:

For more information on financial aid, scholarships and grants, and to download a free guide on how to fund your program abroad, visit our page about financial aid.

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