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Experiential Learning: CIS Abroad Offers Community-Based & Research Abroad

As a study abroad professional, you may agree that students learn best from experience. Under the general category of Experiential Learning, CIS Abroad offers traditional, work-based internships as well as community-based service opportunities and hands-on research placements that will help students apply their knowledge and gain skills that will set them apart. And students can earn credit for it!

Spanning 21 career fields, CIS Abroad’s experiential learning opportunities are customized to meet students’ individual goals. Community-based learning and research abroad placements might not be available in each and every career field, so students should consult our advisors for more info. 


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Work-based Internships

An internship with CIS Abroad will provide students with an opportunity to gain valuable work experience under the supervision of an experienced professional in their potential career field. Students will gain industry knowledge first-hand, expand their skill sets, network with professionals, and apply some of the ideas learned in class to projects that will contribute to their host organization’s goals.  Internship placements are available in a variety of industries, such as communications, business, government, IT, engineering, and performing arts.

Community-Based Service Learning

CIS Abroad’s community-based service learning experiences are distinguished by being mutually beneficial for both the student and the host community – students will serve alongside the host community to help address societal issues that are meaningful to them. Students will not only apply their knowledge and skills to projects that support their new community, but also gain a deeper understanding of the challenges that face others in diverse communities around the world.

Research Abroad

Participating in a research-focused program will offer students the opportunity to be actively involved in a research project aligned with their current coursework and intended career field. Students may work alongside faculty or professionals in the field to investigate key issues, conduct research, and formulate conclusions – honing their research skills while making connections between theoretical coursework and practical application. CIS Abroad’s field-based research opportunities span a range of disciplines, from law to health to the sciences.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)

Do you have students looking for their future career abroad? Do you have alumni knocking on your office door, looking for their next adventure? Consider recommending CIS Abroad’s new hybrid (and experiential learning) TEFL programs. Students can choose from vibrant and affordable Chiang Mai, high-altitude and beautiful Quito, or bustling and architectural Tokyo. With CIS Abroad’s innovative TEFL programs, students will learn the theory and practice of teaching the English language in other countries, gain practical teaching experience, and immerse themselves in new cultures and locations.

Explore our TEFL programs.


As a CIS Abroad experiential learning participant, students can earn credit in one of two ways:

  1. Credit arranged through their home institution. Many students are able to arrange credit approval through their home universities. Encourage them to contact their study abroad office, academic advisor, or career services office to see if this option is available at their institution.
  2. Transferrable credit arranged through CIS Abroad. Through our partnership with Plymouth State University, students can earn 3-12 credits. An $800 fee covers the cost of the credit and is often the most affordable way to earn academic credit for an experiential learning program.

By engaging in one of these experiential learning opportunities, students will be preparing for their careers, their lives, and success beyond graduation.

How to Get Started

CIS Abroad advisors can offer personalized advising for our Experiential Learning placements and guide students on how to choose the experience that fits their goals. Fastest ways? Chat with us online during select hours, select “Request Info” at the top of the screen, or call 1-877-617-9090 to speak with an advisor. 

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