CISABROAD BLOG · March 6, 2019 · 2 Min Read
Empower Students to Study Abroad: #IamIcan Campaign

The 2019 Diversity Abroad Conference kicked off this past weekend in Boston, helping organizations like ours empower students to study abroad. We were thrilled to be a part of it, because diversity and inclusion are really important to us at CISabroad. We truly believe everyone should have the opportunity to have a study abroad experience. This is why we’ve launched the #IamIcan Campaign!

#IamIcan: A Campaign to Empower Students to Study Abroad

How #IamIcan Started

CISabroad started the #IamIcan campaign in Fall 2018 with a small but mighty impact. The purpose of the campaign is to celebrate students’ identities and empower students to study abroad. We want to meet students where they are and show them that education abroad is a possibility, despite the barriers they may face. One of our goals is to challenge myths and misconceptions while also reinforcing the idea that studying abroad really is for everyone. We encourage students that, whatever their identity, background, abilities, beliefs, or goals, they can go abroad!

Because of our commitment to inclusion and access, we’ve created several scholarships to help students of different identities knock down financial barriers. We’ve also looked at all our programs to see which ones are the most LGBTQIA+ friendly. We have plans to do the same for location accessibility.

How to Participate

We hope the #IamIcan campaign can help facilitate meaningful dialogue and strengthen relationships in the International Education comm(unity). For more information about the #IamIcan Campaign please contact Brittany Beene, Campus Engagement Coordinator. Download your own #IamIcan sign and share your story with us on social media by using the hashtag #IamIcan!

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