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Connecting Study & Internships Abroad to Career Readiness

We can all agree that the current job market poses… unique challenges. Jobs that have existed for decades now look and feel completely different. For this reason, the need to switch to a virtual workplace- temporary or permanent- means that employers are facing new challenges. They’re looking for candidates who stand out and are able to help them adapt to a new working landscape. The good news? As a college student who’s done more than your fair share of adapting while maintaining your course load, you are already qualified!

How can you stand out in a flooded pool of equally qualified candidates? Study or Intern abroad, obviously.

Even still, we know it can be daunting as you approach graduation and begin to think about applying for that first job in your career. Regardless of those challenges, CIS Abroad is here to help.

Gaining Professional Skills

Professional skills are often categorized as soft skills or hard skills. When making a hiring decision, an employer will want to see that a candidate has a good balance of both. Soft skills are personality traits and behaviors. Hard skills are teachable and measurable abilities. See the top skills that employers look for after 2020.

You can develop these skills in many different ways! Try getting involved on-campus, volunteering or our fave: study or intern abroad! Participating in a program abroad essentially guarantees the development of critical soft skills including:

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Critical Thinking
  • Problem Solving

Read on to learn more about how Study Abroad will help launch your career.
Sneak Peek – get real tips on how to talk about your experience in an interview!

International Experience – without ever leaving your couch!

Want to develop many of those same skills from home? Check out the Virtual Global Internship programs that give you professional international experience while building your global network.


BONUS: you can earn a micro-credential – Working Remotely Across Cultures. This is a great addition to your resume or LinkedIn profile!

Overall, investing in your future by studying or interning abroad during your undergraduate career will certainly help you stand out in the job market.

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