CISABROAD BLOG · June 9, 2016 · 1 Min Read
CISabroad Welcomes First Students to Athens, Greece
from left to right: Site Director Debbie Koutroumanos (left), Amanda Grace, Vanderbuilt Uni (middle) and Elise Ott, Uni of Alabama (right)

From left to right: Site Director Debbie Koutroumanos , Amanda , Vanderbuilt University and Elise O., University of Alabama

CISabroad is thrilled to welcome our first students to study at Hellenic American University in Athens, Greece. They were welcomed by CISabroad site director Debbie Koutroumanos at the airport. On the way to the hotel Debbie gave them a quick Greek language lesson and it was then on to the university itself where they were introduced to Rena Efstathiou, Coordinator at the Office of International and Academic Exchange Programs, as well as a handful of Greek and American students. The students then embarked on their experiential learning course: A Walk Across Greece, a challenging journey of self-discovery intended to cultivate both mind and body, this course explores the art and history of Greece through day hikes, walking tours and guided visits to regional museums and historical sites.



Incredible views on the way from the airport to student housing.


Summer Session in Greece students!


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