CISABROAD BLOG · October 23, 2014 · 2 Min Read
University of Limerick Named 2015 Irish Times University of the Year

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CISabroad is excited to announce that the University of Limerick has been named the Irish Times University of the Year for 2015. For the last fifteen years, CISabroad has been sending students to UL and has been hugely popular among those who have traveled to Ireland. Despite being a fairly young institution, the University of Limerick has one of the highest graduate employment rates in the country with 95% of 2013 graduates either employed or seeking further education. CISabroad founder and executive director, Jeff Palm says “when we send students to study at the University of Limerick that they are getting an authentic Irish University experience.”


This university is not just a hit with Irish students and press but with our students too. CISabroad and Radford University student, Kacie G., described her Limerick study abroad experience as one she could never forget. She said “I’ve fallen head over heels for this beautiful country of Ireland, and without the time taken to arrive, settle and go to courses, the real taste of the culture cannot be appreciated without staying in a new land for at least a semester. This program was fantastic. Courses were challenging and provided lots of new information for students..”


A second traveler, Thomas K. of the University of Texas at Arlington, said that “Ireland, for as small as it may seem at times, has an infinite amount of unique places to travel to, things to see, and people to meet. Studying abroad in Ireland is not just about living in Ireland, it’s about living in Europe, and you will meet people from all over Europe also studying in Ireland.”


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