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CIS Abroad Food Plan in Florence | Student Blog from Florence

Talk about a perk! When you study in Florence at Florence University of the Arts through CIS Abroad, you get a food plan that is amazing. Here’s a quick look at what the CIS Abroad food plan in Florence is actually like. Semester students are all given 100 units to spend over the semester which is more than enough. Units can be spent at two locations—Ganzo and Fedora.

CISabroad Food Plan in Florence


Ganzo is a school restaurant run by the culinary and hospitality students. That means that all the food prepared and the service you receive there is done by students just like yourself. How cool!  The menu changes every 3-weeks so there are always new and unique options to choose from.

CISabroad Food Plan in Florence


Then there’s Fedora, and it’s the same deal as Ganzo: it’s run by students! Fedora is a café that offers many types of coffee, pastries, and mini sandwiches.

Pro-tip: they also have RedBull, soda, and juice, so stock up on that there with your units rather than spending actual money at stores!

CISabroad Food Plan in Florence

Now, all this sounds great, right? These photos are ones I’ve taken of my meals at Ganzo. Both the presentation and taste is amazing! (feel free to drool and get excited to eat there when you arrive in Florence) 

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