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CIS Abroad Honored with 2019 Employer of Choice Award

NORTHAMPTON, MA – CIS Abroad has been selected as the 2019 Employer of Choice by the Employers Association of the NorthEast (EANE). Entrants are judged in areas that include company culture, training and development, communication, recognition and reward, and work-life balance. CIS Abroad will be presented with this award at a the EANE Annual Conference in Springfield, MA on November 7th. 

CIS Abroad staff in the Northampton office after receiving the 2019 Employer of the Year Award

CIS Abroad staff members proudly receive the 2019 Employer of Choice Award from Employers Association of the Northeast (EANE). The award honors a workplace that values employees, builds engagement, invests in training, and rewards performance.


“Our core purpose is to spark growth in our participants, and through that growth to create a more connected and compassionate world,” said Kris Holloway, President of CIS Abroad. “We believe that experiences abroad are absolutely necessary to personal and professional development, and we live this mission and vision each day we step into our office.”

CIS Abroad operates in alignment with the values and characteristics of an Employer of Choice. As Joe Debiec, VP of International Operations, said, “Our culture is unique and vibrant, and honors our core values (Passion, Fun, Cultural Awareness, Being Helpful, Change and Growth, Teamwork, and Good Ideas) every single day. We’ve cultivated a dynamic organization because we value our employees.” 

CIS Abroad staff in the Northampton office after receiving the 2019 Employer of the Year Award from EANE on October 15, 2019.


Some examples of CIS Abroad’s HR practices include fun. Each month, different employees organize a themed First Thursday event, such as Dumpling Night, Oktoberfest, or a speed typing contest. To best balance work and life, staff are able to work with their supervisor to determine their schedule.  CIS Abroad has supported both parental leave for biological and adopted children for legally married and same-sex couples before the latest paternal law in Massachusetts was proposed. 

CIS Abroad staff volunteering at the International Language Institute

CIS Abroad staff volunteering at the International Language Institute of Massachusetts during CIS Day in 2018.


CIS Abroad, recently named a Top 100 Women-Led Business in Massachusetts, is a leading education abroad company based in Northampton, MA. CIS Abroad has sent more than 20,000 students abroad from 500+ U.S. universities to more than 45 countries on study, intern, teach abroad, and customized faculty-led programs. 

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