CISABROAD BLOG · April 26, 2019 · 2 Min Read
Change & Growth: The CIS Abroad Tree

At CISabroad Change & Growth is one of our company values. In honor of Arbor Day we wanted to share the story of how the CISabroad tree came to be.  When a member of our staff embraced a change, and focused on growth.

Castel Gandolfo is a town located 25 kilometres southeast of Rome. There is a beautiful lake there surrounded by a forest. It’s where Romina, our Italy Country Director,  lives and it’s also the home of the CISabroad tree.

Left: Romina and her friend Alessia hiking in the forest.
Right: Romian’s husband Sebastiano and their dog Syria.

Facing Change

In 2012 a fire destroyed about 30% of the forest around the lake, and while small part of the affected area has been repopulated by the local municipality, there is still a lot to be done. It’s estimated it will take over 30 years to completely grow back what has been lost. 

In order to help with the regrowth Romina decided to plant the CISabroad tree. 

The CISabroad almond tree in October 2017

Creating Growth

In addition to the tree, a flower garden has been planted. A plaque describing the 2012 fire and explaining the importance of defending the lake and the nature around it resides there as well. A sign in front of the tree reads:

This tree has been donated and planted by CISabroad – Center for International Studiesto support and protect the environment and nature around this unique and beautiful lake. Nature is one of our greatest teachers.Live gently upon this earth.
Castel Gandolfo, Rome (Italy) October 22, 2017

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