CISABROAD BLOG · June 28, 2016 · 2 Min Read
How Brexit will affect students studying abroad in the UK

NORTHAMPTON, MA June 28th, 2016

CISabroad, an international education organization, sends hundreds of U.S. university students to London and Edinburgh on summer, semester, internship and faculty-led academic programs every year. We’ve seen a lot of ups and downs in our almost two decades doing this work.  What effect will Brexit, the UK’s decision to leave the European Union, have on U.S. students studying and working abroad? Here’s our opinion:

  1. Nothing will change right away.  The change will take two years and then some. “Stay calm and carry on” as they say.
  2. Education system: The effect is unlikely to be in the academic system itself, and more likely to be in its price tag to UK and to EU students. However, for U.S. students, due to the relatively higher cost already charged to visiting students, the UK will remain the same or decrease. (ex: a year at the University of Roehampton, Britain’s #1 Modern University, is just about $30k per year for tuition and housing.)
  3. Finances:  Sterling down = dollar up. A better exchange rate will make London a more affordable travel and study abroad destination.  
  4. Health & Safety: likely to remain the same, as the systems and infrastructure to ensure student safety are bigger and wider than this decision.
  5. Culture: Our on-site director in London, Regina Tingle, mentioned that talking politics in Britain isn’t taboo, and this subject is a great way for U.S students to get tight-lipped Brits talking passionately. Our students in London are sure to ask them about Brexit and they are sure to give their opinion. Put the kettle on, it’s time for a chat.

“In times of change, we can tend to hunker down and stick with what is familiar,” says Kris Holloway, President of CISabroad. “But a recent study shows it’s safer to study abroad than to stay on-campus. Perception is everything. We don’t know what this change means for the future. We do know that travel has never been safer, and that it’s an exciting time to witness history in the making and connect with local people on issues that affect us all; how cool is that?”

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