CISABROAD BLOG · September 11, 2019 · 2 Min Read
Agree that study abroad is for everyone? Participate in CIS Abroad’s #IamIcan Campaign!

CIS Abroad named finalist in Sept. 19 PIEoneer Awards

For the second year, CIS Abroad is engaging students across U.S. campuses in our #IamICan Campaign, and we want you to be a part of it!

The goal of the campaign is to celebrate different identities and empower students with diverse backgrounds, abilities, and beliefs to understand that study abroad is an opportunity for them. 

Celebrating Every Student

We celebrate the fact that the world is comprised of people with many different identities, cultures, belief systems, and levels of ability and that all are needed in order to make the world a more understanding and accepting place. The beauty of the #IamIcan campaign is that it doesn’t target a specific demographic, but rather students have the power to choose how they’d like to share their identities. Some participants focused on being first-generation college students, while others focused on an academic major, or being high financial need and having to juggle full-time work and school.

Student holding an I am a queer woman sign Student holding I am naturally rocky sign

Get Involved

Want to join the conversation? Download your own #IamIcan poster and tell us your story! Share with us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter using the #IamIcan hashtag.

CIS Abroad named finalist in the PIEoneer Awards

We’re honored to be a PIEoneer Award Championing Diversity finalist for this multi-faceted project! The PIE (Professionals in International Education) is an independent media, recruitment and events company connecting a global community of professionals working in international education. The awards event celebrates innovation and achievement in international education and takes place on Thursday, Sept. 19 in London. Follow Brittany Beene, our Senior Campus Engagement Coordinator, on Twitter and LinkedIn her journey to the UK to attend the award ceremony!

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Download your own #IamIcan poster and share your story!