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8 Study Abroad Scholarships and Grants You Should Apply For

What? 8 study abroad scholarships and grants?! You heard right. Here at CIS Abroad, we believe that study and intern abroad experiences are for ALL students. After all, it’s not about where you’ve come from – it’s where you’re going! (And you’re going places, believe us.)

In fact, many of our leaders are first-generation college students themselves. And we’ve heard from more students than ever how scholarships and grants have helped them learn new things abroad. So, this year, we’ve got 8 study abroad scholarships and grants! Keep scrolling to see what you qualify for and start saving money.

All the Scholarships

CIS Abroad Academic Merit Scholarship – $250

The CIS Abroad Academic Merit Scholarship is for students who demonstrate excellence in their academic major. If you get it, you’ll make videos, blog, and share photos that show how your experience enriches your academic or professional career.

CIS Abroad First-Generation Student Scholarship – up to $500

We understand first-generation students face additional barriers to studying and interning abroad. In fact, many CIS Abroad staff members are first-generation students themselves. The CIS Abroad First-Generation Student Scholarship will help with the costs of international education for first-generation students. If you get it, you’ll share your story of learning and exploration with a photo gallery and your choice of travel vlog, blogging, or an Instagram takeover.

CIS Abroad Student of Color Scholarship – up to $500

Students of color are underrepresented in study abroad. That’s why CIS Abroad founded the CISabroad Student of Color Scholarship. If you identify as biracial, multiracial, Black, African & African American, Caribbean American, Latinx / Chican@ / Hispanic, Asian & Asian American, Native, Pacific Islander, or another minoritized racial/ethnic identity not listed, we invite you to apply. In your application, tell us about how your identity will impact your experience abroad. If you get it, you’ll select from a variety of mediums to share your story while abroad.

CIS Abroad Rainbow Scholarship – up to $500

We made a commitment, as part of Generation Study Abroad, to increase the number of queer students studying and interning abroad. And we mean business. If you identify as LGBTQIA+, CIS Abroad’s Rainbow Scholarship is for YOU. 

Studying abroad as an LGBTQIA+ or gender nonconforming student brings an additional set of challenges and options to consider. You may want to ask yourself some questions about what you’re looking for in your experience and do some research before choosing a study abroad program – but our LGBTQIA+ students have amazing experiences abroad and often find local LGBTQIA+ communities to be a part of. Recipients will select from a variety of mediums to share their story while abroad, in addition to submitting a photo testimonial.

CIS Abroad Greek Life Scholarship – up to $500

CIS Abroad’s Greek Life Scholarship benefits students in Greek Life organizations who need help covering the cost of membership dues while abroad. If you get it, in keeping with the philanthropic values of Greek Life organizations, plan to participate in at least one self-directed volunteer opportunity while abroad and create something (ex. a blog post or video) related to that experience.

Scholarship Application Deadlines

  • for Spring Programs is OCTOBER 1
  • for Summer Programs is MARCH 1
  • for Fall Programs is APRIL 7

It’s Raining Grants!

CIS Abroad’s grants are designed to help you navigate some of the financial barriers on the front end of your study or intern abroad process: getting a passport and a flight!

Because these tasks are time-sensitive, our grants function on a “first-come-first-serve” basis. There are limited spaces for each grant and we announce awards on a rolling basis, so apply early! Find the grant application in your portal.

CIS Abroad Passport Grant – $145

Are you dreaming of going abroad, but still without a passport? Never fear! CIS Abroad has you covered. Our Passport Grant helps cover the cost of your passport application. Passport in hand, the world will be yours to explore!

CIS Abroad TRIO Student Grant – Up to $750 towards your flights

If you’re are currently or have ever been a part of a TRIO program, you’re eligible to apply for our TRIO Student Grant, up to $750 towards your flight, to help you get abroad!

CIS Abroad Gilman Grant – Up to $750 towards your flights

If you apply for a Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship from the U.S. State Department for your CISabroad program, you’re eligible to apply for our CIS Abroad Gilman Grant, up to $750 towards your flights.

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