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5 Things You Should Know Before Interning in New Zealand | Intern Blog from New Zealand

Here are 5 things you should know before interning in New Zealand. 

1. When traveling around New Zealand, It is cheaper to fly than to rent a car or take a ferry

5 things you should know before interning in New Zealand

I found that, in most cases, flying was the cheapest and quickest option to travel  around New Zealand. It’s really common to fly from Wellington to Auckland for a weekend, or down to Christchurch, because those are cheap flights. I highly recommend taking a plane to Auckland or Christchurch for weekend trips.

2. Island Weather Varies

5 things you should know before interning in New Zealand

I quickly realized the weather is highly unpredictable. Because New Zealand is an island country, the weather there is constantly changing.  It could be sunny in the morning, but only two hours later it could be 15mph winds and raining. So always have your raincoat with you!

3. Everyone is friendly

Maybe it’s just my personal experiences but EVERYONE is just so kind here in New Zealand. Often times people smile at you as you’re walking along the sidewalks or greet you at the train station. The kindness from strangers makes you  feel really good when you’re by yourself and feel a little lonely. It is comforting to get a friendly smile or a “how is your day?” I wish more people were like this!

4. Gas is expensive

5 things you should know before interning in New Zealand

In New Zealand they go by liters so if you’re from the States,  the price of the gas is a bit different than what you’re used to. There are 4 liters in a gallon. New Zealand’s average cost per liter is $2.05NZD, so multiply that by 4 and you’re looking at $8.20 a gallon 😱 CRAZY. But if you’re travelling with a group and are able to split the cost this price should be feasible.

5. The bacon is not bacon

I saved the best for last because it was a big deal for me. If you’re a bacon lover like me, you may be disappointed in New Zealand’s version of bacon.

The bacon in New Zealand is basically just thick ham. I have no problem with ham but when you are expecting nice crispy bacon and then you get ham instead you are pretty bummed. I remember thinking “oh maybe it’s just this restaurant and there really is bacon in other places.”

Nope, I was wrong. I gave New Zealand many chances to prove to me that bacon exists on this island and it disappointed me everytime. But if bacon is not your cup of tea then you shouldn’t have a problem with this!

All in all, New Zealand is a magical place!

5 things you should know before interning in New Zealand

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