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Advisory Board

CIS Abroad’s Advisory Board was developed to provide our organization with experienced advice and counsel that allows us to continue to develop relevant, high quality education abroad programs that meet the demands of the field.

The following areas are where CIS Abroad believes the Board is able to provide the most relevant advice and much of the work that they do focuses here:

  1. Program design, planning and evaluation
  2. Academic and curricular integration
  3. Risk management
  4. Evaluation and assessment
  5. Marketing and university relations

The Board’s Membership

The membership of the CIS Abroad Advisory Board is comprised of experienced international educators from a variety of institutions, specifically from those institutional types that are best served by our organization. Each member is invited to serve based upon recommendations from CIS staff, fellow Board members, and/or colleagues in the field.

Current Membership

Dr. Alejandra Barahona
Executive Director of the Center for International Programs & Sustainability Studies
Universidad VERITAS (Costa Rica)

Chad Berry
Associate Director, Education Abroad Office
The University of Alabama (AL)

Chrissie Faupel
Director of Education Abroad
Appalachian State University (NC)

Stuart Floyd
International Regional Manager – North Atlantic
Bond University (Australia)

Dr. Holly Hudson
Executive Director of Study Abroad
Texas A&M University (TX)

Lisa McAdam-Donegan
Consultant at Global Education Partners (RI)

Laura Livermore
Director of Study Abroad Programs
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (TN)

Allison Kretschmar
Assistant Director of Education Abroad Advising
University of South Carolina (SC)

Mark Eckman
Director of Education Abroad
University of Massachusetts Amherst (MA)

Paula Levitt
Assistant Director, Global Experiential Learning
University of California – Davis (CA)

Sarah Malloy
Director of Study Abroad & International Exchange
University of Arkansas (AR)

Meredith Wilson
Associate Director for Enrollment Management
Clemson University (SC)

Rachel Gould
Director of Study Abroad Programs
Ithaca College (NY)