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Get to Know Us

At CIS Abroad, we provide U.S. university students with the best value in education abroad, considering affordability, academic relevance, cultural immersion, and support. We are boldly committed to providing the highest quality service to students, their families, and their home institutions as a trusted partner in education abroad.

Our Strengths

Academic Customization

Our customized programs team is ready to design the program that best meets your institutional goals. Whether it’s a faculty-led program, an internship experience or study-intern combination program, our team can design the program that best suits your needs.

CIS Abroad was flexible and accommodating. The on-site staff were absolutely amazing. The program was tailored to meet our academic needs.

Abi Hastillo
Asst Director of Education Abroad
University of Connecticut
Cultural Immersion

At CIS Abroad we are committed to helping your students “live the local life.” Built into each of our programs is our Local Life culture series. Facilitated by the CIS Abroad Site Director, the activities combine high energy group challenges with more focused cultural encounters and reflections.

Students tell us that they engaged with the local culture. Your programs provide that immersive experience they are searching for.

Christine Menand
Asst Director of Study Abroad
Carnegie Mellon University
Value & Affordability

At CIS Abroad, we LOVE what we do and believe that the power of education abroad is for EVERYONE. We strive to make our programs affordable while still giving students and partners the high quality we’re known for.

CIS Abroad has proven to be a reliable, cost-effective partner and student satisfaction has been high

Caryn Lindsay
Director of Study Abroad and Global Learning
Western Kentucky University
Inclusion & Access

We admire the fact that the world is comprised of people with many different identities, cultures, belief systems, and levels of ability, and all are needed in order to make this world a more understanding and accepting place. CIS Abroad is committed to inclusion and access and across the U.S., is working closely with study abroad offices and college faculty to encourage all students to participate in education abroad programs.

I am impressed with how inclusive their overall operations are in terms of creating programs for students from all walks of life.

Evan Lohmann
Study Abroad Coordinator
Eastern Illinois University
Risk Management

Participant safety is our number one priority at CIS Abroad. We know our greatest responsibility is to develop and operate programs with the health and safety of our participants at the forefront of our decisions. We also know that studying or working abroad involves a certain amount of risk. Our job is to mitigate these risks while providing the wonderful opportunities that only life abroad can offer.

I know there is somebody always paying attention. We had serious health & safety incident last year and the on-site staff was very responsive.

Denise Cope
Director of Education Abroad
University of Denver
Flexibility & Responsiveness

We pride ourselves on our customer service and love implementing innovative projects and initiatives with our partners.

You have a phenomenal team. We can get to the problem solvers quickly. Whenever we need you, you respond immediately.

Carolina Robinson
Director of Education Abroad
University of Alabama