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Intern Abroad for Academic Credit

As a CIS Abroad participant on an intern abroad program, credit can be earned in two ways.

Option 1: Transferable credit arranged through CIS Abroad

You can earn between 3-12 credits through our partnership with Jacksonville University. Internship credit through Jacksonville University will be reflected as JU 390 – Global Internship on your official Jacksonville University transcript, as well as the range of credits available. Most interns select the 3 or 6 credit options. Interns who need 9 to 12 credits must be enrolled in a 12 – 16 week long program to meet the necessary contact hours.


  • Interns must have completed a minimum of 60 hours (approximately 2 full years) of college or university credit before going on the program.
  • Minimum GPA: 2.5

A fee of $75 per credit hour will be added to the program invoice for interns who wish to receive credit from Jacksonville University.

Prices will range as follows:

3 credits = $225
6 credits = $450
9 credits = $675
12 credits = $900

How is credit given?

You will be enrolled in our Intern Abroad online course Working Across Cultures. You will be assessed on a pass/fail basis unless other pre-arrangements are made with CIS Abroad. The amount of credit is awarded based on the number of hours interned: 135 hours = 3 credits, 270 hours = 6 credits, 405 = 9 credits, 540 = 12 credits. The number of hours that can be completed depends on the length of the program, the type of internship and location.

The specific requirements that must be met in order to receive credit are:

  1. Successfully completing each module of the Working Across Cultures Micro-Credential online curriculum during the allotted time, including recording and saving your reflection documents as instructed and actively engaging with and posting responses to the Challenges. 50%
  2. Completing all of your internship work hours and receiving a positive final evaluation from your internship supervisor. 25%
  3. Submitting your 30 second elevator pitch. 10%
  4. Submitting a video, blog, or similar creative deliverable which presents the outcomes/results of your internship experience. 10%
  5. Submitting a quality final LinkedIn profile with a final post about the skills you developed during your internship – you can use your post or blog from #4. 5%

All interns completing the coursework for credit will also automatically earn the Working Across Cultures Micro-Credential.

Jacksonville University, CIS Abroad’s accrediting partner, is a SACSCOC-accredited institution

Option 2: Credit arranged through your home institution

Many students are able to arrange credit approval through their home universities. Contact your study abroad office, academic advisor, or career services to see if this option is available at your school!