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Our Approach to Academics

The programming created and implemented by CIS Abroad reflects high quality academics and co-curricula, with a focus on innovation, distinction, and creativity.


At the core of our approach to program design is a distinct focus on academic relevance and career readiness. At CIS Abroad we strive to give students uncommon access to new ideas around the globe through quality coursework, internships, service learning, and research opportunities which align with their course of study, prepare them for their future careers, and challenge them in new and creative ways.

Our work is guided by five principles:



52 programs, 14 countries, 21 cities, and 88 majors

  • Our program development process means we choose international partners who meet the needs of students with prescriptive majors, who otherwise may not be able to study or intern overseas, with options to take coursework directly linked to their academic majors.
  • Students get access to study at world class institutions, and with leading departments in their field of study, many times at a lower cost than their home institution. We work with institutions abroad who offer learning support and disability services, and have tuition and housing fees that allow U.S, financial aid recipients to study abroad.
Academic Quality

CIS Abroad programs are either accredited through the host institution’s local accrediting body, a regional accrediting body within the U.S., or CIS Abroad’s school of record.

  • We partner with host institutions abroad who have developed a strong reputation for academic excellence and distinction at the program and/or institutional level, as evidenced by markers such as:
    1. Institutional rankings
    2. Accreditation by academic program
    3. Student achievements
    4. Faculty accomplishments
    5. Quality of teaching
    6. Institutional academic resources
  • Did you know? We offer comprehensive business programs that are AACSB accredited.)
High-Impact Practices

We challenge students to apply classroom learning to high-impact experiences, such as for credit internships, service learning, and undergraduate research

  • MINERVA, our e-learning platform, allows us to blend theory with practice and guide students to connect their experiential learning with their academic curriculum in preparation for their future careers
  • We offer flexibility in our internship placements. Students can choose between a full-time, internship only model (for-credit or not for credit), or a study+internship model, across 22 career fields in 4 countries.
  • The MINERVA platform facilitates a holistic learning community where students around the globe connect online, share thoughts, reflect on their experiences as well as others,’ and establish a network of professional contacts.
The Local Life Co-Curriculum

Our Local Life co-curriculum offers students a way to engage, reflect, understand, and connect their learning.

  • Via The Local Life co-curriculum, we intentionally engage students with the local culture on a deeper level, and provide a venue for them to reflect on their experiences, make meaning of them, and achieve greater cultural understanding on personal, local, and global levels that connects back to their academic learning
  • Our co-curriculum is grounded in a framework based on Kolb’s Model of Experiential Learning (1984), and unfolds in coordination with the cultural adaptation and adjustment cycle.
  • Read more about our The Local Life curriculum.

We collaborate with our academic partners to offer exciting and innovative programming.

  • We strive to provide cutting-edge academic options and experiences that are meaningfully distinct and provide a strong, value-added component not found elsewhere. Through ongoing evaluation of programs and students, we document outcomes and ensure continual innovation in program development and execution.