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Whether you need to fulfill requirements for mechanical engineering or you’re just looking for the most unique electives out there, CIS Abroad wants to make academics easy. Our advising team can help you find the programs with the right mix of classes for your major. Or check out our Program Finder if you’re just browsing.

What does CIS Abroad offer you in a study abroad experience?


We partner with universities abroad who can offer a wide variety of classes, including for those hard-to-find majors. We also look for partners who provide robust student support services, flexible housing options, AND that will accept your U.S. financial aid!

Academic Quality

What does this mean for you? Highly ranked and accredited universities abroad (more than 60% of our Business program options are AACSB-accredited!) and innovative courses taught by accomplished faculty.

High-Impact Practices

We think your academic experiences should be challenging, even though you may be studying on a beach instead of your campus library. Before you explore abroad, check out undergraduate research opportunities, service learning, and for-credit internships.

The Local Life Co-Curriculum

You want to live like a local while abroad, not a tourist! With CIS Abroad, you’ll have just that – in-depth cultural experiences that help you reflect and achieve greater cultural understanding on a personal, local, and global level.


Looking for a cutting-edge academic experience? We can deliver. From the Bond Business Accelerator on the Gold Coast of Australia to the robust creative arts curriculum in Barcelona, we’re always creating exciting new options.

Academic Picks

So you know what courses are needed for your major - but how do find out what your options are? Use our comprehensive Program Finder or get started with some of our best picks for your major below.

Don’t forget to meet with your academic advisor on campus ASAP - both for course approval and to ensure you complete all necessary on-campus applications and forms.


How many credits will transfer back to my home university?

Making sure your credits transfer should be the most worry-free part of your time abroad. Check out our comprehensive Academic Credit Transfer resource for how each specific university abroad computes their credits for transfer. This is something to share with your study abroad or academic advisor during your application and pre-departure process.

When can I expect to receive my transcript?

After you’ve completed your coursework at your institution abroad, CIS Abroad will issue a transcript from the host school to your U.S. home university. This process generally takes longer than in the U.S. (usually about 8 – 10 weeks) but we provide a transcript translation sheet to facilitate faster acceptance of overseas credits. Please keep in mind that academic records will not be released if a student has any outstanding financial obligations to the host university or to CIS Abroad.

I’m interning abroad. Can I get credit for this?

Absolutely! Interning abroad for credit is a great option for many of our participants. CIS Abroad combines online learning with customized placements abroad to create an experience that offers all the inclusions of a study abroad package, often at much less than a full semester abroad!


Learn as much about the culture as you can before you go, and while you are there, immerse yourself in that culture and live like a local. - Abby Elliott
I stepped outside of my comfort zone and met so many friends while studying on the Gold Coast, which has allowed me to stay in contact with people on almost every continent. Being a marketing student, this diverse network will also benefit me on a professional level. - Alex Krell
Come in with an open mind, make friends, and don’t pass up an opportunity to explore. I now want to go on more adventures and feel more cultured. - Alexa Valenta