Executive Leadership
Kris Holloway

Travel Tip: Don’t be afraid to make language mistakes. Some of my best laughs ever are from either making a language faux pas myself, or hearing others make them. Some things are universally funny and when laughed over together, can result in a humor bond that can last a lifetime.

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Jeff Palm
Founder and Senior Vice President of Business Development

Travel Tip: I first learn about a new culture through food. I try to understand what truly “local” dishes are and then find a “typical” place (non-tourist) at which to eat them. This has led to some of my most memorable experiences abroad.

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Joe Debiec
Vice President of Program Operations

Travel Tip: Find water and jump right in. Literally. There is something about being in the water that helps me get my mind to slowdown, settle in and get ready for adventure. So remember to take it slow, you will see more and feel more , which will deepen your experience.

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Dr. Jennifer Engel
Vice President of Academic Affairs

Travel Tip: Whatever it takes, make it happen. And once you get overseas, make the most of it. Take every opportunity you have to spend time with locals – the experiences that always prove to be the most memorable are the ones that involve genuine interactions with others.

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Jessica Jones
Vice President of University Relations

Travel Tip: Expect the unexpected. Expect your plans to change. Stay flexible and laugh. Always laugh. Even when you cry, find the laughter.

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Brian Waldron
Assistant Vice President of Enrollment Management

Travel Tip: Get lost in your new city/location. It’s the best way to see somewhere new and will result in many exciting adventures.

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Kailee Moszynski
Assistant Vice President of Marketing & Communications

Travel Tip: Leave yourself lots of free time and don’t over-book your days. Whether it is a short vacation or a semester abroad, try to avoid the impulse to plan every free hour or weekend. Give yourself one goal per day and let the rest happen naturally because I can almost guarantee that your favorite memories are going to happen when you least expect them.

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International Operations Management
Alexandra Woolner
International Operations Manager - Asia and the Pacific

Travel Tip: Expect the unexpected! Sometimes culture shock is stronger in countries where you expect things to be more similar to your home country and environment. Traveling abroad is an excellent way to learn more about your own culture, habits, style, and adaptability.

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Linda Hallbäck
Site Director London & International Operations Manager - Europe (North) and Africa

Travel Tip: Be patient with yourself and kind to those you meet along the way. Show gratitude daily, laugh often, and give thanks for the journey you are on. There will be hard days, but remember, the magic is in the journey and each day makes that journey complete. Smile!

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Overseas Staff
Marina Weinstein
Site Director in Argentina

Travel Tip: Bring comfy shoes as Buenos Aires is very walkable. A great pastime is simply walking the city with no time restriction or plans. Also, get used to saying hi with a hug and a kiss.

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Jackie Chapman
Country Director of Australia; Site Director in Gold Coast & Brisbane

Travel Tip: Get outside, take your time to walk around the streets of your new city or neighbourhood – get a feel for the people and what makes it unique. I love getting up early and exploring a new destination as it ‘wakes up’- it is an amazing time of the day to see a city or town slowly come to life.

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Paloma Domene
Site Director in Sydney

Travel Tip: Looking for a change of pace in Sydney? While you could certainly travel up or down the coast, consider heading into the “hinterland” by taking the train up to the Blue Mountains area. You’ll see spectacular scenery and pass through tiny, welcoming villages.

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Stephanie Hickman
Site Director in Sydney

Travel Tip: If you’re travelling to a non-English speaking country, always make “Thank you!” the first thing you learn how to say in the local language. You’ll put a smile on the locals’ faces, and as you travel to more and more places you’ll be amazed at how many languages you can speak (well, at least speak a few words of).

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Gemma Shaw
Site Director in Newcastle

Travel Tip: Search for local instagram and facebook pages on food and events around the place you are travelling to. You may find some local hidden gems or some cool experiences you would not have found otherwise. It also helps you get a feel for the place and its people.

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Hillary Smith
Site Director in Townsville

Travel Tip: Embrace every moment of your travel. Even when things go wrong, don’t stress! You’ll look back at those memories with a laugh, and you never know where unexpected turns may lead you. Get involved with as many new people and activities as you can – you might just find a new passion!

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Jemimah Murugi
Site Director in Melbourne

Travel Tip: Be exactly where you are, enjoy each moment as it comes without comparing it to any other place because every destination brings along its own uniqueness and authenticity. Embrace that even though it may be strange at the start. Traveling helps you find yourself and pieces of yourself you didn’t know you were missing.

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Jasmina Cubelic
Site Director in Adelaide

Travel Tip: Stay flexible and open minded during your travels. Though the greatest of all plans can go awry, it’s these unexpected moments – good or bad – that help you grow and find new sides of yourself. Your travel experiences are an advantage, so use them and the skills you’ve learnt along the way to sell yourself and nab that dream job!

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Lisa Pinheiro
Site Director in Costa Rica

Travel Tip: Dont limit yourself to the more popular tourist spots. There are tons of lesser known places that are beautiful and rich in culture where you can really experience what Costa Rica is all about!

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Leah Takata
Site Director in Czech Republic

Travel Tip: Whether ordering from an open air stall or a restaurant, always remember to say good day (dobrý den) and thank you (děkuji). Czechs will welcome your effort and will be more helpful and perhaps even give you a smile.

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Diana Balarezo
Site Director in Ecuador

Travel Tip: Ecuador is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world and home to 14 different indigenous nationalities. Be prepared to experience new landscapes, aromas, tastes, sounds and people. Respect the places and the people you will be with and never stop learning!

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Linda Hallbäck
Site Director London & International Operations Manager - Europe (North) and Africa

Travel Tip: Be patient with yourself and kind to those you meet along the way. Show gratitude daily, laugh often, and give thanks for the journey you are on. There will be hard days, but remember, the magic is in the journey and each day makes that journey complete. Smile!

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Anna Bermani
Student Affairs and Internship Coordinator in London

Travel Tip: Save money on your Oyster Card and walk everywhere. There are so many different neighbourhoods that await to be explored and hidden treasures to be discovered. Get lost in the city and take time to enjoy the experience!

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Drasko Djurovic
Site Director in Paris

Travel Tip: Travel is not only, as Mark Twain said, fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness. It is also the best possible recipe for happiness, so explore, dream and discover.

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Christelle Le Gars
Site Director in Aix-en-Provence

Travel Tip: If speaking French is a bit of a challenge, remember that a Bonjour or a Merci beaucoup from a smiling person always works out here in Aix! The light is just amazing in Provence: bring your camera, sketchbook or others to create great visuals from the South East of France. Marseille Provence Airport is next door – make the most of your stay by travelling during the weekend in Europe!

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Evgenia Karamani
Site Director in Greece

Travel Tip: To explore a new country, I choose to walk rather than take transportation even for longer distances. It helps you better feel the vibration and get into the pace of local life. Makes you hungrier for local dishes, too!

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Karina Tarrant Byrne
Site Director in Ireland

Travel Tip: When I go to a new country I love to read about it first and get a sense of its history and culture. When I arrive I like to have a good map (not just google maps) so I can see how everything fits together. If it isn’t an English speaking country I like to have some words and phrases learned so at least it looks like I am trying to communicate without expecting them to have English.

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Romina Marchionne
Country Director of Italy

Travel Tip: If while traveling there’s no internet, embrace it. Play a card game with someone in the hostel common room, read a book, lie on the beach, go for a walk, talk to a stranger, think about life. Some of my favourite travel memories are from times when I didn’t have an Internet connection.

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Alessandro Bruno
Site Director in Florence & Perugia

Travel Tip: Never forget to pack an open mind, a lot of patience, a couple of snacks from home to cure homesickness and last but not least…serenity. Once in town, LOOK UP when walking around. Take a different route to class everyday. Live, love and accept your destination!

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Chiara Salvi
Assistant Site Director in Florence

Travel Tip: Travelling can be overwhelming, so many things to see and do! I don’t like to plan everything ahead but I love researching: looking into guides, books and travel diaries, watching documentaries, reading articles and talking with friends who visited already. They’re a great source of information!

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William Ozbun
Site Director in Sorrento & Internship Program On-Site Coordinator in Rome

Travel Tip: Time truly flies when you’re studying abroad! Think about writing a checklist to help you keep track of everything you want to see, experience and accomplish in your time overseas. Set manageable goals, be open to unexpected surprises and don’t forget to take lots of pictures, you’ll cherish them forever.

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Jeff Sinding
Site Director in Japan

Travel Tip: When choosing places to travel, venture to locations with a culture entirely different than your own, where the language, food, behaviors, traditions, ways of thinking, and ways of working and living are totally foreign to you. The experience will be transformative in good ways and stay with you for a lifetime.

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Helena Henare-Coolen
Site Director of New Zealand

Travel Tip: Leave the umbrella at home as it is no match for the capital known as ‘Windy Wellington”. Make sure you pack a good raincoat and some warm socks.

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Mila (Milagro) Montufar Paz
Site Director in Cusco, Peru

Travel Tip: Cusco and the surrounding areas are some of the most beautiful places to explore in all of Peru (and maybe the world). Bring comfortable shoes and be prepared to do a lot of walking!

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Patricia Dongo Soria
Site Director in Lima, Peru

Travel Tip: When in Lima, try different local dishes choosing from the variety of restaurants like “Gianfranco” in Miraflores. Try the amazing ceviches and other sea food alternatives at “Al Fresco” and dinner overlooking an beautifully illuminated view of the Huaca Pucllana (adobe pre-inca living quarters) in the restaurant “Huaca Pucllana.”

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Jeanna Brady
Site Director in Scotland

Travel Tip: Plan ahead of your program! Do your research and reach out to our Alumni to make the most of your time in Scotland. There are so many free and affordable activities, including public galleries and museums, live music sessions, open-to-roam landscape, and a great range of clubs and societies on and off campus!

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Sonya Bell
Site Director in South Africa

Travel Tip: To really experience local culture, no matter where you are in the world, always watch where the locals go for lunch – they usually go for the best local cuisine at the most affordable prices. Also, always be aware of your surroundings and trust your gut.

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Sehoon Jang
Korea Site Director

Travel Tip: Whenever I arrive in another country, I try to look for a very local restaurant where real residents of the town usually eat. Such spots may not have any distinguishable sign or decent interiors, but the reward is delicious food and welcoming locals. Just by going even slightly off the beaten path, you are oftentimes rewarded with a better value and cultural insights.

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Sara Hazzard
Site Director of Madrid, Spain

Travel Tip: Slow down! Before jet setting off to multiple countries, take time to get to know the place you decided to call home for the next few months. The best travel experiences occur when you meet locals and learn about activities that aren’t in your guidebook.

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Elena Villaescusa
Site Director in Barcelona

Travel Tip: When traveling make sure to use humour and start conversations with local people, they are the experts of the places you visit and you can learn so much from them; particularly the older generation can be a wealth of information. Try to enjoy every single minute of your travels!

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David Jackson
Site Director in Thailand

Travel Tip: Looking for a cool and exciting way to explore Bangkok? The whole city used to be based around canals, so jumping on a boat gives you a way to get out of the traffic and experience the real Bangkok.

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Chutinan “Chu” Klinmalai
Site Director in Bangkok, Thailand

Travel Tip: Looking for a cool and exciting way to explore Bangkok? The whole city used to be based around canals, so jumping on a boat gives you a way to get out of the traffic and experience the real Bangkok.

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Lisa Beardsley
Site Director in Hawai'i

Travel Tip: Pack for summer! Hawai’i’s temperature is 86F and sunny all year round. Drink lots of water and don’t forget your sunscreen! Arrive with an open mind and a sense of adventure.

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Thanh Nguyen
Site Director in Vietnam

Travel Tip: Be open minded with the new culture, cuisine, lifestyle etc. You can learn a lot through exploring, adapting and respecting new a culture, a new country. Be well prepared and planned to avoid culture shock in the first few days. Nowadays, there are many travel blogs, food review shows etc. that you can check as a pre-departure information then explore yourself later and have your own stories.

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University Relations
Emily Negard
Director of Partner Communications

Travel Tip: I always carry my travel journal along with colored pencils and a glue stick. When I have down time at the airport, train station, or a cafe, I’ll draw pictures, write notes, glue ticket stubs, postcards, receipts, and anything that will remind future me of the amazing trip I’m on!

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Kylie Blount
University Relations Regional Director - West

Travel Tip: Trip planning can be overwhelming and an over scheduled trip can be exhausting. Plan two activities you know you don’t want to miss and then leave room for the unexpected. You never know what might come along and a flexible schedule will allow you to take advantage of it.

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Zachary Macinnes
University Relations Regional Director - Northeast

Travel Tip: Wake up early! Rise at sunrise to have the best attractions all to yourself while avoiding crowds. It’s also a magical time for photos due to soft diffused light, and usually easier to interact with locals.

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Kent Moore
University Relations Regional Director - Southeast

Travel Tip: Taking photos is fun but try a week or just a day without using your camera. You might find that you have more unforgettable memories and fewer all-too-forgettable pictures. Great photos of the Taj Mahal are everywhere, but you only get one memory of seeing it for the first time.

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Veelie Alba
University Relations Regional Director - Midwest

Travel Tip: If traveling with others, try to carve out some time to do something by yourself. Relish in that moment. You might be surprised to discover or experience something new that you will appreciate either about yourself or this new place. Watch the sunrise, visit a bookstore, take a drop-in class…

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Program Enrollment
Michelle Everard
Program Enrollment Manager

Travel Tip: Journal, journal, journal! Write down the little things, the strange details & whatever made you laugh. It’s the little things that make a trip amazing and are easily the most forgotten.

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Julia Sementilli
Senior Program Enrollment Coordinator

Travel Tip: Be open to meeting new people! Some of my favorite memories while traveling include meeting people in hostels, or by getting involved at my school abroad. You never know who will be a lifelong friend! Try all of the local foods, even if you don’t think you will like it. Write everything down in a journal- you will appreciate those stories later!

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Hadley Byrne
Program Enrollment Coordinator

Travel Tip: When in doubt, reach out! More often than not, locals will respect and respond matching the effort that you put into communication. Practice makes perfect, and leaving your comfort zone means expanding your comfort zone!

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Custom Programs
Jamie Hammond
Assistant Director of Custom Programs

Travel Tip: Don’t be afraid of street food! It’s often the least expensive and most delicious. You’ll learn the true strength of your stomach and might even come home with a few new favorite treats (or at the very least, some good stories!)

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Beth Cahoon
Assistant Manager of Faculty-Led Programs

Travel Tip: The unexpected will happen. Turn the stress into an adventure and a story!

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Marketing & Advising
Jenn Weisgerber
Director of Marketing and Communications

Travel Tip: I think one of the most grounding things you can do in a new location is take some time to appreciate the natural beauty around you – notice what’s different and new, and especially notice what you may not see again.

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Zoë Crabtree
Asst. Manager of Marketing & Communications

Travel Tip: Find somewhere to become a regular. A park bench. A grocery store. A local library. A cafe. Observe your travel destination through this place and absorb the rhythm of it.

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Jessica Lisenba
Alumni and Events Coordinator

Travel Tip: Find a good trail outdoors and don’t be afraid to try the local foods!

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Finance & Administration
Elayna Hebert
Director of Human Resources & Operations

Travel Tip: When I lost my phone when I landed in Spain for the first time, I thought it was the end of the world. I realized that the experiences I had without being distracted or taking photos was a gift. Remember to be present in your journeys!

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Tyler Lucas
Finance Director

Travel Tip: Explore the local cuisine! I always tend to do a little research in advance about what foods are unique to the region and seek them out – it really helps me to feel more connected to the community that I’m visiting.

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Pete Brown
Director of IT & Technical Operations

Travel Tip: Watch people and listen to them, and make no assumptions.

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Jennifer Markey
Business Systems Administrator

Travel Tip: When it comes to sharing your travel stories with others, a picture is really worth a thousand words! Get creative and take photos of the world around you, so when your trip ends, you will have those visuals to help you remember every detail.

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Jenna Farrell
Human Resources, Operations, & Events Coordinator

Travel Tip: Dismiss all of your preconceived ideas about what travel may be like, and allow yourself to let it happen as it does and take it all in!

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Stephanie Boisvert
Junior Staff Accountant

Travel Tip: Don’t Google tourist hot spots. Indulge in the culture, try ALL the native foods and ask the locals the best spots to visit.

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