Why CISabroad

We guarantee great value, exceptional support, cultural immersion, and a personalized advising experience when choosing your courses or internship. You're going places with CISabroad!

We're so glad you're studying abroad with us! Here's what you can do to green your study abroad experience:

Learn about your host country. Under each CISabroad travel destination, in “Quick Facts” you will find information on “Green Your Study Abroad”, which lets you know the environmental problems that country is facing. When you study abroad there, you’ll know what you can do to reduce your global carbon footprint, from taking shorter showers to taking the bus to knowing what you can recycle!

Take a course in environmental science while overseas. Snorkel with and study the fish on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia; learn about the national parks in Ghana and what we can do to help protect them; take a course in clean technology in Ireland. Many environmental science courses count towards general elective as well as social science credit due to their cross-curricular themes.

Check the “I want to volunteer” box on your application. When you check this box, you let us know that you are interested in volunteer opportunities while you are overseas. You’ll get a list of the places where you can volunteer as a US student, from one weekend day to weekly commitment of 4-8 hours. Chances are we have something to fit what you are looking for.

Apply for our CISabroad Green Scholarship. Do you know you want to volunteer for the environment during your study abroad experience? Then apply for our CISabroad Green Scholarship. There is no GPA requirement. All you must do is participate in at least two green opportunities while overseas, blog about them while overseas, and hold a presentation on your experience upon returning home. Read more and download an application on our scholarship page.: