Mediterranean Culture: Rome and Barcelona

Experience life in two of the liveliest cities on the Mediterranean: Rome and Barcelona. Immerse yourself in both Italian and Spanish while soaking up all that these two cultural centers have to offer.

Travel in Europe and earn up to 12 credits in one fabulous summer. Just think about it: learn from incredible professors in stunning locations throughout Italy and Spain—and receive a full semester of credit on this multi-country summer study abroad program!

We are experts at European travel. At CISabroad, all our advisors have studied or lived abroad.  We know and love all that Europe has to offer and will be with you throughout your trip.

We care about the environment. Your inter-continental flights will be offset by the work of CISabroad’s environmental partnerships around the world so you can enjoy this European experience with peace of mind.

On our Mediterranean Culture multi-country study abroad program, you will be captivated by the culture of these two cities. You can choose to study abroad in Spanish and Italian, as well as a wide variety of courses ranging from art history to international relations. 

Program activities help you get the most out of the local culture - Get involved with the local soccer teams, learn to cook authentic Spanish and Italian food, and participate in cultural and social events. With a multitude of tours, excursions and activities available, you will truly experience life on the Mediterranean!

Learn multiple Romance languages - "Romance" of course referring to languages of Roman origin, of which both modern Italian and Spanish are. In Barcelona, you can also pick up some Catalan, another Romance language spoken specifically in the region of which Barcelona is a part. And if you have French, bring that too! Apply some of that Romance language's foundation on your Italian and Spanish learning, or use it around town instead of English for some practice! 

Beautiful architecture, rich history and great climates - Rome and Barcelona's history extends back millennia, which is apparent as you see Roman ruins, gothic cathedrals, and modern buildings within a couple minutes' walk. Both cities are considered commercial, cultural and historic capitals of the Mediterranean. And you can't beat the weather, even during the summer, as both cities' climates are regulated by the Mediterranean, with plenty of sun and relatively low humidity.

Academic variety in English - If languages are not your forte, spend the summer taking courses in a variety of academic areas to knock out elective/general education requirements or to get ahead in your major or minor. Choose from business, humanities, social sciences, and many other topics, many with a local focus, taught in English.

Travel throughout two of Western Europe’s most exciting cities on our multi-country summer study abroad program! There are many reasons to study on our Mediterranean Culture: Rome and Barcelona program, but here are a few of the key highlights that make this program unique. 

  • Small class sizes with individualized attention
  • Take classes in the famous Trastevere district in Rome and the Eixample district in Barcelona
  • Weekend orientation in Barcelona between program start dates, which includes hotel accomodations, breakfast, an authentic Spanish tapa meal, and a full day 'on-and-off' city bus tour
  • Optional excursions to places such as Capri, Venice, Naples, Tarragona, or Girona
  • Earn 12 credits in 8 short weeks while seeing the best of Mediterranean Europe
  • Study with fabulous professors from all over the world
  • Live in two of Western Europe’s most exciting cities: Rome & Barcelona!
  • Most classes taught in English, but options for classes in Italian and Spanish as well

Since Mediterranean Culture: Rome and Barcelona is a true travel-study course, a great deal of your academics will be mixed with trips around the various locations in which you will be studying. In Rome, you’ll have the option to enjoy excursions to places such as Capri, Venice, Naples, Tarragona, or Girona. On the second half of the program in Spain, there will be plenty to see and do in and around the city of Barcelona, either as part of your program, or on your own in your free time. 

Mediterranean Culture: Rome and Barcelona is an 8-week program that takes place from the end of May to the end of July. Course subject areas include art and art history, business, cultural studies, Italian language, Spanish language and literature, communications, international relations, and many others. Earn 12 credits this summer in just 2 months!

GPA Required: 2.5. If you find your GPA is lower than the requirement, do not despair! Use the "Contact An Advisor" button on this page or call us to let us know your situation. We'll do all we can to find the right program for you.

Course approval: Before you go abroad, it is best to get 6 classes approved for your summer program (for both Rome and Barcelona - 3 each). This gives you some flexibility in setting up your class schedule. Think about courses required for your major, but also courses that fulfill your elective requirements. Courses are to be determined, please view our sample courses below. You will take classes according to the following schedule:

Weeks 1-4 (Rome): 2 classes

Weeks 5-8 (Barcelona): 2 classes or 1 6-credit class

Total courses: 4 courses for 12 credits


Course offerings for Rome portion

You can take 2 courses and earn 6 credits while in Rome for the first portion of the Mediterranean Culture!

Below are sample syllabus. Updated syllabus should be available in the coming weeks. In the meantime, students may select from the courses listed below. 

Course descriptions and catalog:

Option A: 1 Spanish-language course (3 credits), plus 1 elective in English (3 credits)

Option B: 2 Electives in English (3 credits each, 6 credits total)

Option C: 1 intensive Spanish-language course (6 credits) 

Spanish courses:

Elementary Spanish A1
Intensive Elementary Spanish A1-A2
Upper Elementary Spanish A2
Intermediate Spanish B1
Intensive Intermediate Spanish B1-B2
Upper Intermediate Spanish B2
Advanced Spanish C1
Advanced Spanish C2

Electives offered during both sessions:

1. Great 20th Century Artists: Picasso, Dali, Miro
2. Contemporary Spanish Society: From Dictatorship to Democracy 
3. Sports and Society in Spain and Catalonia
4. Cross-Cultural Psychology and Early Childhood Education 
5. Management Across Borders

Did you know that 70% of all CISabroad students receive scholarships or grants to study or intern abroad? You can get a grant for something as simple as applying early, or a scholarship for blogging. 

For details on all scholarship and grant offerings and to apply, please click here.

Mediterranean Culture: Rome and Barcelona is a true study-travel program! You will spend the first 4 weeks studying at the American University of Rome, in the capital city of Italy. Famous for its Architecture and multitude of art and statues, buildings and ruins, it is a history-lover’s dream city. It also appeals to the curious traveler with so many narrow streets and beautiful neighborhoods. With the Vatican, Pantheon, piazzas and fountains, catacombs and gardens, you will never want for something to do.

On the second half of your program, you will then travel on to the heart of Catalan culture in Barcelona, Spain for the last 4 weeks. In addition to working on your Spanish, you will have countless opportunities to lounge on the beach, take a cooking class, and explore the delights of Mediterranean culture!

During your time in Rome on Mediterranean Culture: Rome and Barcelona, you will study at the American University of Rome, which has been offering study abroad programs for over 40 years. Seated on a green, quiet hill overlooking one of the oldest cities of civilization, the American University of Rome (AUR) offers students a unique and insightful opportunity to experience Rome on a genuine and profound level. The university prides itself on a challenging and authentic curriculum, as well as its vibrant international community. Students are exposed to a multitude of cultures when they study at AUR, as the student body is made up of a mix of Americans, local Italian students, and other international students from over 40 countries.

The Rome portion of the Mediterranean Cultures: Rome and Barcelona program will allow you to gain an insight into the life of Rome that cannot be achieved by visiting the city as a tourist. Through multiple student activities and the expert community of the AUR staff, you will soon feel right at home and will have the experience of a lifetime!

Once in Barcelona, you will spend 4 weeks at Barcelona International College, located along the Mediterranean Sea coast. Here, you will have the chance to not only listen and speak Catalan and Spanish, but will also able to hear conversations in French, Portuguese, and an array of other languages from across Europe.  The College itself sits in the heart of the Eixample district of Barcelona, which is an area of the city that was constructed during the 19th- and 20th centuries in the Modernist style.  The location offers students a chance to use Spanish in everyday life, whether they are bartering for goods in a local market, or viewing Gaudi’s architecture, or meeting new friends in Miro’s park. 

The program emphasizes immersion in the Spanish language, while also allowing the students to earn college credit through classes taught in English.  These innovative courses are taught by highly qualified professors, both from Spain and across the world, and have been adapted to account for the diverse international student population while still maintaining the Spanish style of teaching.  The campus possesses modern facilities which include spacious classrooms complete with multimedia equipment.

While you're studying in Rome, you will live in beautiful student apartments. The apartments are located in traditional, well established neighborhoods. This housing is well suited for students looking for a "full immersion" cultural experience. 

Each apartment is equipped with basic furnishings and supplies, including one single bed per student, bed linens and towels, closet/clothing storage space, typical basic Italian cookware and kitchenware, a table and chairs and furnished sitting area. Desks are to be shared by all occupants. All units are provided with a washing machine.

All apartments have unlimited, no additional cost access to the Internet. A landline phone will be provided which will provide unlimited calls to landlines within Italy. 

Apartments are located in areas of Rome convenient to the university campus: Monteverde, Giancolense, Trastevere and Colli Portuense, all desirable residential neighborhoods. Compared to other parts of Rome, they have more green areas, better access to public transport and are conveniently located to the historic center of Rome.

As for your month in Barcelona, you will begin by staying in a hotel on the Balearic Coast for the 5-day interim between your courses in Rome and Barcelona, with a welcome dinner included.  You will be able to explore the sites of the region, including beautiful beaches and history ruins of the old Roman capital in Spain. Then you will be transported to your apartment shared with other students back in Barcelona, where you'll be for the remainder of the program. The apartments are located off-campus in the city of Barcelona, just a 25 minute commute to classes. They are fully furnished apartments with a shared living room, a well-equipped kitchen, and bathrooms. Two students will share a room and there will be up to six students in each apartment. Due to the central location of the apartments within the city, students will have the opportunity to experience life living in Barcelona. They will be near shops, cafes, restaurants, bars, museums, and will have the chance to learn more about the culture through the people they meet and the roommates they will live with. 

1. What is the cost of program tuition? What is included in the program fees?

The program cost for Mediterranean Culture can be found here.

2. When are the program fees due?

Program Fees for Mediterranean Culture are due on April 15th. If you have any questions about tuition deadlines, please contact an advisor at

3. What is due with my application and when is my application due?

The application process can be broken into easy steps!

1. The first step is to fill out the online application, which includes your contact information, what program you are applying for, etc. (Only takes five minutes!)

2. After filling out the online application, an advisor from our Global Advising Center will grant you portal access with a set of preliminary forms. 

3. The next step is to pay the $200 application deposit in order to secure your space in the program. This amount will be applied toward the final cost. 

4. Within a day after submitting your deposit, you will receive a welcome email from your Program Coordinator—the person you will work with until departure. Your Program Coordinator will then give you program-specific items in your portal. (Note: Both preliminary portal pieces and program-specific tasks must be completed by the application deadline.)

#CISabroadTip: Contact your school’s registrar and have them send us your transcript early on in the application process (you can send us your transcript even before you’ve made the $200 deposit!) since snail mail makes this the slowest piece to submit. (We also accept electronic OFFICIAL transcripts if your school provides them.)

For detailed instructions, see application instructions. For application deadline, please check here or contact a CISabroad advisor at 1-877-617-9090.

4. Do I need a passport or visa? When should I apply for my passport/visa?

Yes, you do need a passport to travel to Italy and Spain. Your passport must be valid for 6 months BEYOND the date you return to the United States. For detailed passport instructions, U.S. citizens should check the State Department's Travel Site. For the Mediterranean Culture program, you WILL NOT need a Visa.

5. Is there a GPA requirement?

Yes. For Mediterranean Culture, the GPA requirement is 2.5.

6. What are my housing options?

While you're studying in Rome, you will live in beautiful student apartments. Each apartment is equipped with basic furnishings and supplies, including one single bed per student, bed linens and towels, closet/clothing storage space, typical basic Italian cookware and kitchenware, a table and chairs, and a furnished sitting area. For your month in Barcelona, you will begin by staying in a hotel on the Balearic Coast for the 5-day interim between your courses in Rome and Barcelona, with a welcome dinner included. Then you will be staying in apartments located off-campus in the city of Barcelona, just a 25-minute commute to classes. Two students will share a room and there will be up to six students in each apartment.

7. Will other students participate in the program with me? How many?

CISabroad programs are not only a great way to meet local and international students, but also students from around the United States. Program size varies each year - if enrollment size is important to you, contact a CISabroad advisor at 1-877-617-9090.

8. How many credits are offered in the program?

You will be taking a total of 4 classes (12 U.S. credits) during the Mediterranean Culture program. To see the courses available, go to the course catalog.

9. Can I combine this program with another CISabroad program like intern, summer, or semester abroad?

Yes! A great way to extend your CISabroad experience is participating in another program. Combine semester programs to create a full academic year or if an academic year is just a little too long and a semester is too short, combine a semester and summer session or a semester and a January term program. You can also participate in a semester abroad and combine that with a summer intern abroad. To find out more information on the application process for more than one CISabroad program, contact a CISabroad advisor at 1-877-617-9090.

Term: Summer 2017
Arrival May 29
Departure July 29
Application Deadline March 15
Term: Summer 2017 Price: $9,990

Dates posted here are for reference only and are subject to change. Please do not book flights until you have received the confirmed dates in your acceptance paperwork.

To view expected additional expenses for this program, click here.

Program fees are in US dollars and include the following:

  • Weekly visits to sites around Rome and Barcelona
  • All trip-related travel (excluding airfare from the U.S.)
  • CISabroad support services before, during and after the program
  • Academic advising
  • Financial aid counseling
  • Assistance with travel arrangements
  • Full-time tuition & fees
  • Housing (apartments)
  • Pre-departure and on-site orientation
  • Airport pickup
  • Medical & Accident Insurance
  • Jacksonville University transcript
  • Carbon offset of travel
  • Green Travel Guide

CISabroad reserves the right to alter our fees at any time due to exchange rate fluctuations and/or changes in partner university fees.