Summer in Ghana

This unique program will take you through a diverse set of locales in Ghana, West Africa. Experience the culture and history of Ghana through song and dance, as well as workshops and performances by local groups. Earn up to 8 credits for this amazing 3-week program.

Study abroad in Ghana and participate in this 3-week intensive summer program. Experience African cultures through visual and performing arts in this unique introduction to various topics in African Traditional and Popular Culture, Philosophy, and Visual and Performing Arts. 

Tons of excursions and field trips - Enjoy traditional music and dance festivals as well as workshops with the award-winning National Dance Company of Ghana. Participate in local festivals and enjoy visits to Kakum Rainforest, Universities of Ghana, Cape Coast, Winneba, and more! 

Faculty-led. This summer study abroad program is led by faculty from Ohio University who are experts in Ghanian culture, music, dance, and art!

Unique cultural immersion - Using on-site culture as your context, immerse yourself in Ghanaian culture as you learn the African language of Ewe (pronouced A-vay). Ho, the regional capital of the Volta Region of Ghana (and right near the border of Togo) and the location of most of the major ethnic groups in the region, provides a unique program base. 

Great field experience - Field experience will include participation in festivals, visits to historic sites such as the slave castles, museums, and the cultural and art centers. Practical training will involve learning from indigenous artists such as drummers, dancers, and craftsmen.