Summer in China

Spend 4 weeks immersed in business and culture in China. This program includes visits with multi-national companies in Shanghai that complement your studies in Beijing.

The four week Summer in China program offers courses in English and hands-on experience and exposure to international businesses and global practices. You will also study Chinese language and culture while immersed in two of China’s most vibrant cities- Beijing and Shanghai. Summer in China is a unique way to gain valuable international business skills, learn a new language and explore a fascinating country!

Study business, culture and Chinese language in Beijing and Shanghai – Spend your first three weeks in Beijing, the cultural capital of China. Take a trip to The Great Wall and explore the city's historic and traditional neighborhoods. Professors will lay the foundation for the business visits while also emphasizing Chinese culture and language. The last week in Shanghai you'll experience the commercial and financial center of mainland China and the economic center of East Asia. This portion of the program will focus on intercultural business practices by learning from and interacting with employees of multi-national corporations. 

Enjoy a combination of Western and Chinese perspectives - This summer study abroad program is led by faculty from the business college of Jacksonville University, a highly regarded AACSB-accredited college. Jacksonville University faculty guide the academics from a Western business perspective, while local Chinese business professionals provide insight into China's business practices and studies.

An experiential program - Get real, hands-on experience through visits to multi-national corporations. Complement your academic experiences with class projects before your final presentation to Chinese business managers. Enjoy frequent language, culture and business exchanges through excursions and interactions with local business people.