Summer Photography in Australia – Edge of the Outback

Take a photographic journey through the Australian outback while developing your digital and analog photography skills. The experience culminates in a student photo exhibit at a local gallery.

Our Summer Photography in Australia—Edge of the Outback study abroad program starts off down in Melbourne, then moves on to a regional campus in Mildura, a small city in northwestern Victoria Province. At the Mildura campus, you will learn the fundamental photographic techniques and then head into the outback for a 5-day exploration of this region’s ancient landscapes. On this program, you’ll get to:

Travel off the beaten track – Experience an Australia that few visitors, and for that matter few Australians, really know.

Develop your photography skills - If you're new to photography, you'll get a great taste of outdoor photography. If you're a seasoned photographer, you'll get strong additions to your portfolio. Develop your photography skills in a unique landscape while you study photography abroad.

Learn about the Australian outback and more – What better way to learn about the Australian outback, and Australia’s history and culture, than a hands-on experiential course?

Show your work in a local gallery – Summer Photography in Australia—Edge of the Outback ends with a student art exhibit at a local gallery.