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CISabroad offers a wide variety of affordable summer study abroad programs. Study in Italy, France, Ireland, England, Spain, elsewhere in Europe; Australia, Latin America, Africa, or Asia. Study for a few weeks or a few months while enjoying exceptional support and fun group activities.

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Summer in Costa Rica
Summer in Costa Rica Costa Rica

Courses in English and Spanish with local professors on an urban campus minutes from the heart of San José. Explore the city, as well as beautiful nearby national parks, picturesque mountain villages, and relaxed beach towns.

Summer in Ecuador
Summer in Ecuador Ecuador

Come live 9,000 feet above sea level in this high-altitude haven for exploration: markets, mountains, and culture in the city of Quito, and beaches, jungles, and crater lakes all nearby. Take classes with Ecuadorian, European, Asian, and US students.

Summer at University of Westminster
Summer at University of Westminster England

Live in the heart of cosmopolitan London for 3 or 6 weeks. Take business, media and design, and liberal arts classes while learning about British culture both in and out of the classroom.

Summer in Aix en Provence
Summer in Aix en Provence France

Enjoy a summer in the Provence region of Southern France. Take courses in English and French, enjoy amazing cuisine, and a have a petit café among the tree-lined streets and fountains.

Summer in Paris
Summer in Paris France

Turn Paris into your classroom for 3 weeks this summer! Hone your painting, drawing, or photography skills in front of the Tour Eiffel and Notre Dame; improve your French as you order a baguette at your local café.

Summer in Hawaii
Summer in Hawaii USA-Hawaii

Study in the capital city of Honolulu while exploring the pristine jungles and beaches nearby. Six credits, small classes and world-renowned professors.

Summer in Ireland
Summer in Ireland Ireland

Spend three weeks this summer in Limerick, a laid-back city, known for its history, beautiful castles, and art galleries. Take hands-on courses about Irish culture, history, film, law, and art taught by distinguished Irish faculty.

Summer Architecture Studies in Rome
Summer Architecture Studies in Rome Italy

Spend seven weeks or more working in a studio whose windows open to the glorious exterior of the Pantheon. Travel throughout Italy to compare and contrast the architectural styles of its museums, cathedrals, squares, and monuments.

Summer in Florence
Summer in Florence Italy

Be dazzled this summer! Spend 3, 6, 9 or 12 weeks in the cradle of the Renaissance and see why travelers can never get enough of Florence.

Summer in Perugia
Summer in Perugia Italy

Spend a summer studying in a college town in the radiant heart of Italy. Distinctive academic programs that allow you to immerse yourself in Italian culture and learn both in and beyond the classroom.

Summer in Rome
Summer in Rome Italy

English courses and Italian language at a campus on the highest hill in Rome. Fun social and cultural activities allow you to get to know Rome in a very intimate way.

Summer in Mexico
Summer in Mexico Mexico

Experience a summer in Mexico in Cuernavaca, where you will study Spanish abroad at the top language school Universidad Internacional.

Summer in Scotland
Summer in Scotland Scotland

Imagine a summer of exploring and learning in this historic country with your base in Stirling, the Gateway to the Highlands. Join us for great academics, fun excursions throughout Scotland, and a chance to explore Europe.

Summer in South Africa
Summer in South Africa South Africa

Ride an ostrich, visit a colony of beach penguins, and explore Tsitsikamma National Park this summer. Field trips, hands-on community service projects, and expert guest lecturers make this a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Summer in Barcelona
Summer in Barcelona Spain

English electives and Spanish classes tailored to your language level make this a great way to earn credits this summer. You’ll also make friends through many extracurricular activities including a Catalan cooking class, flamenco show, and cinema night.

Summer at Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona
Summer at Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona Spain

Take courses in English and Spanish and enjoy the 2,000 years of architectural and cultural splendor that Barcelona has to offer. You’ll study on the beautiful new campus of this internationally known university.

The Grand Tour: Italy, France and England
The Grand Tour: Italy, France and England Multi-Country

In this nine-week course, European cities are your classroom. Soak up the impressive history of Rome, the stunning frescoes of Florence, the magnificent streets and cathedrals of Paris, and the history-packed museums of London.

Summer in London
Summer in London England

An affordable program on a picturesque campus within easy reach of central London makes for a perfect summer study abroad program.

Summer in Peru
Summer in Peru Peru

Picture yourself studying Spanish and Peruvian history, art, and biology among stunning mountain views and llamas. Our program includes a trip to one of the Seven Wonders of the World: Machu Picchu!

Summer in Argentina
Summer in Argentina Argentina

Spend a summer in lovely Buenos Aires, Argentina! Learn Spanish, explore Latin America, and get to know a unique country and city. Buenos Aires is considered the "Paris of South America" and you can see why with its shady, tree-lined boulevards, plethera of cafes and eateries, and vibrant social and cultural scene.

Summer in Ghana
Summer in Ghana Ghana

This unique program will take you through a diverse set of locales in Ghana, West Africa. Experience the culture and history of Ghana through song and dance, as well as workshops and performances by local groups. Earn between 6-9 credits for this amazing 3-week program.

Heart of the Renaissance: Italy and France
Heart of the Renaissance: Italy and France Multi-Country

Can't decide whether you'd like to spend your summer in France or Italy? Now you don't have to! This program allows you to live and study in the beautiful and historic cities of Rome, Florence and Paris. Compare and contrast the art and cultural scenes in two locations renown for setting trends while taking classes that relate directly to your new locale.

City Expeditions: London and Barcelona
City Expeditions: London and Barcelona Multi-Country

London and Barcelona are two of Europe's most exciting cities. On City Expeditions: London and Barcelona, you will not only explore these two great cities, but also have the chance to study art, business, and local culture while getting to know local hangouts.

Summer Art and Photography in Rome
Summer Art and Photography in Rome Italy

Study art and photography in a place that inspires like no other: Rome, Italy! Spend 4 weeks with the artistic and creative city of Rome as your classroom: paint en plein air and capture great shots of historic buildings and beautiful landscapes.

Summer in Australia
Summer in Australia Australia

Study in Australia during the summer and enjoy a wide range of courses, a beautiful campus just minutes from the beach, and a fun social setting in a vibrant community. Summer in Australia on the Gold Coast has the best of everything and lets you get a full semester ahead!

Summer in Madrid at Universidad Antonio de Nebrija
Summer in Madrid at Universidad Antonio de Nebrija Spain

Study at a Spanish university in Madrid's "university city" while enjoying a smaller program and exceptional support. Study intensive Spanish for one or two months and choose from other courses in local topics offered in English.

Greek Life Leadership in Florence
Greek Life Leadership in Florence Italy

Greek members rejoice! There's a summer study abroad program specifically for you that focuses on service and leadership. Earn 4 credits in a month that combines community service, leadership seminars, classroom studies, field trips, excursions, cultural activities, and more!

Summer in Thailand
Summer in Thailand Thailand

Study in beautiful and historic Chiang Mai, Thailand for a month this summer to experience traditional Thai culture in the "Land of Smiles." Study Thai language, Buddhism, international finance, and gender studies while living in historic Old Town.

Summer in Oman
Summer in Oman Oman

Improve your Arabic language with an intensive summer study abroad program. All language levels welcome, with small classes taught by native Omani instructors you are sure to improve!

Performance Art Live! London and Glasgow
Performance Art Live! London and Glasgow Multi-Country

Travel the United Kingdom on our Performance Art Live! London & Glasgow program! Learn about performance and contemporary art from experienced faculty and see all the culture, art, and entertainment these amazing cities have to offer.

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Summer study abroad programs are a great way to get ahead academically, travel the world, make new friends, learn new languages, and expand your horizons. When you study abroad with CISabroad during the summer, you pack a lot in during a short amount of time, with excursions, field trips, social and cultural activities and more. You can expect to make friends with fellow study abroad students from around the country and some from further afield, as well as the locals.

CISabroad offers a wide variety of programs and locations, providing something for everyone and a perfect fit for you! Whether you want to study Spanish in Costa Rica, French in southern France, culture in Barcelona, Spain; literature in London, art in Florence, or any number of other subjects in about 20 countries, you can't go wrong! Or, if you're having a tough time choosing, consider our multi-country summer study abroad programs.

Not sure where to start? Contact an advisor and we'll gladly help you start narrowing down your options!