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CISabroad study abroad programs offer exceptional support, fun activities and a variety of courses. Choose from programs in 19 countries at host institutions ranging from large, English-speaking universities to small language and culture focused study centers. We offer the BEST VALUE in study abroad, guaranteed!
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Semester in Ecuador


Take your education to new heights in the heart of the Andes! Live and learn in Ecuador, a country of stunning contrasts, and study in Spanish with international and local students at a highly ranked private university.

Summer in Ecuador


Come live 9,000 feet above sea level in this high-altitude haven for exploration: markets, mountains, and culture in the city of Quito, and beaches, jungles, and crater lakes all nearby. Take classes with Ecuadorian, European, Asian, and U.S. students.

Semester in the Galapagos


Unique opportunity to study the diversity of plant and animal species at the Galapagos Islands! If you are an environmental major or minor, this is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you won't regret. Learn from research professors from Universidad San Francisco de Quito USFQ on San Cristobal island.

Studying abroad is a life-changing experience. It's also an experience that may not be for everyone. If you're asking yourself "Why should I study abroad?" your initial curiosity is a good sign. Most people choose to study abroad because they are looking for something new, whether that's a new challenge, new physical or social environment, a new start, or all of those. Among the many dozens of reasons why you should study abroad, many of those involve learning: foreign languages, foreign cultures, more about yourself, and/or more about your home country. 

When you participate in a study abroad program, whether for a semester/year, summer, or January/J Term, you can expect to grow personally, academically and professionally. Having to adapt to a new environment and culture makes you a strong and more capable person. You will meet fellow study abroad students from other schools, some of whom will likely be friends for life. You will interact with locals, providing insight into not only the local culture but also your culture back home.

When you study abroad with CISabroad, you get everything you need to make the most of your experience: pre-departure assistance, academic advising, on-site support, fun group activities, and more - for an affordable cost! When you compare everything we offer at the same or similar host institutions (the university or institute you study at abroad) for a more affordable cost price than you'll find elsewhere, you'll realize you're getting the best possible value.

While the decision-making process of where to study abroad may seem overwhelming, the initial decision to study abroad is the right one to make! Everything else will fall in line. We're happy to help make that choice of where to study abroad. Or, contact an advisor and we'll provide personalized counseling on whatever you're still considering.

We look forward to having you join us on one of our dozens of amazing study abroad programs! 

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Deciding where to study abroad is not usually an easy process. There are just too many intriguing countries, let alone cities, to choose from! It seems like you might not be able to pick the city that's perfect for you. Not to fret though, because you really can't go wrong.

CISabroad study abroad programs are based in countries we find fascinating, and in cities we would love to live in personally. So that's a start, but still leaves about 20 countries, some of which have multiple cities on offer...Some things to consider when deciding where to study abroad:

1. Foreign language: Looking to immerse yourself in a foreign language? Or, do you prefer to speak English while studying abroad? 

See all languages on offer in CISabroad programs.

More comfortable speaking English? Consider Australia, England, Ghana, Ireland, New Zealand, Scotland, South Africa, or USA-Hawaii

2. Culture: Do you want a culture similar to what you know, or different? How similar or how different?

"Western" countries tend to be more similar to US American culture, but maybe not as similar as you might think. And, if English is spoken, that doesn't mean the culture won't offer anything you're not familiar with. While almost all CISabroad program countries could be considered "Western" to some extent or another, among the more "Western" are Argentina, Australia, Czech Republic, England, France, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Scotland, South AfricaSpain, and USA-Hawaii

Countries with cultures that are typically a bit more distinct from the US and other "Western" countries might be China, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Ghana, Mexico, Peru, and Thailand.

3. Climate: Looking for warmer, cooler, or similar to what you're used to? 

If you prefer things to be warm pretty consistently, you'll enjoy pretty consistent heat and/or humidity with palm trees providing a shady respite in places such as Australia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Ghana, Mexico, Thailand, and USA-Hawaii

If you like a little variety in temperatures, from night to day and season to season, consider heading to Argentina, China, Czech Republic, England, France, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Peru, Scotland, or South Africa.

Want a blend of languages, cultures and climates? Consider a multi-country study abroad program, either during the summer or during January/J Term.  

Still not sure where to study abroad? Contact a CISabroad advisor and we'll gladly provide personalized advising on where to study abroad.