Semester in Stirling

There’s a castle on campus, seriously…study on an 18th-century estate in the Scottish highlands! This highly affordable program means you can live your dream of studying in Scotland without breaking the bank.

On Semester in Stirling, you will live in one of the most historic spots in the UK, where many a battle was fought for Scottish independence. Put on your kilt and get ready to explore this land of subtle beauty when you study abroad in Scotland. You will experience:

Picturesque city- Stirling is a quaint, historic city complete with narrow cobblestone streets to really take you back in time.

Top-notch academics- University of Stirling is respected for its quality career academics and distinguished faculty that will help you make the most of your time abroad.

Rich Scottish history- You can learn more about the exciting history of Scotland with a reenactment of a historic battle or by taking a tour of Stirling’s medieval downtown.

A real-life Hogwarts- The school has an incredible location on an 18th-century estate complete with a central lake and a castle!

Cheap travel throughout the region- Scotland offers cheap airfare and plenty of train routes to get you anywhere you want to go in Scotland, the UK, and the rest of Europe on the weekends.


Scotland on a budget – With Semester in Stirling, you can earn credits toward your major and still afford to explore all that Scotland has to offer.