Semester in Dublin

Who wouldn’t want to study in the land of James Joyce, leprechauns, and Lord of the Dance? Explore the quaint bookstores, walk the cobblestone streets, and listen to traditional music in the pubs while studying at one of the best universities in Ireland.

When you study abroad in Dublin, we encourage you to take advantage of studying at one of the best universities in Ireland and living in one of the best cities in Eurp[e. Get to know local Irish students and customs, and you will surely fall in love with this city of history, tradition, and subtle sophistication. You will experience:

New multiculturalism in an up-and-coming city – Due to an economic boom in the past two decades and an influx of immigrants from around the world, Dublin has been transformed into a new, hip European hot spot. You’ll find delicious Lebanese cuisine, trendy film cafés, and colorful international parades alongside statues of Irish literary giants.

A US-style education a world away – Your host institution, Dublin City University, is modeled on the US university education experience, so you’ll have less educational culture shock. Just because you are studying in a new country doesn’t mean you have to adapt to a whole new style of learning.

International students – Many of your 10,000 fellow students come from around the world. You can learn from them in and out of the classroom and have friends to visit across the globe after your semester abroad.

Tons to do on campus – With over 100 student activities on campus and great resources like a student union, cafés, a pool, and even a rock-climbing wall, you’ll never get bored!

Travel opportunities throughout the region - With cheap airfare and train routes galore, you can travel within Ireland, around the UK, and to various cities, beaches, and mountains in Europe when you study abroad in Ireland!