Semester in Ghana

Learn about Ghana with classes in subjects like West African music and dance, African foreign relations, and sustainable development. Best of all, study with local professors and students while immersing yourself in the traditions of this beautiful, coastal city.

Semester in Ghana is based in Cape Coast, Ghana, a beautiful city on the beach. The city is well known for elaborate festivals, bustling markets, and historic castles. You will take classes at the respected University of Cape Coast in addition to exploring the incredible natural landscape all around you while you study abroad in Ghana. You will experience:

Diverse, country-specific courses taught in English – Study music, chemistry, history, languages, economics, tourism, and more while also learning about your surroundings with Ghana-focused coursework.

True cultural immersion – While there are other international students at the University, you’ll be in class with local Ghanaians and will truly learn about their culture when you study abroad in Ghana. 

Fascinating history – As a center of the slave trade for generations, Cape Coast hosted many European colonial powers and there is a meaningful link between it and the United States. You’ll discover many relics from that era.

Melting pot of cultures – Home to over 100 ethnic groups and nearly 50 ethnic languages, modern Ghana is a tapestry of cultures.

Beautiful city right on the coast – Cape Coast is a small, stunning city of palm-lined beaches and lovely ocean views—from the city, from the University, and from your accommodations. 

Study in Africa's most prosperous, stable nation – While still developing, Ghana is well-known throughout the world as the first independent sub-Saharan nation and has a strong record of democracy, stability, and increasing socioeconomic standards.