Semester in Paris

Study French in Paris this semester and truly fall in love with the city. You will have the chance to live in one of the most cosmopolitan and romantic cities in the world!

Turn Paris into your classroom for the semester! You will have outstanding opportunity to bring your French language to life by practicing with locals in the countless cafes and shops when you study abroad in Paris.  Surround yourself with world-class art and culture on Semester in Paris. Admire the innovative construction of Notre Dame, sit and read in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, and practice your French by ordering a morning baguette on your way to class. CISabroad Semester in Paris takes place at the Institut d’Etudes Supérieures des Arts, where you can take classes with other international students. Start getting excited about:

Paris – What can we say? Fountains, fashion, cafés, croissants...Paris has something for everyone, but especially art-lovers and budding artists!

Art, Culture, Electives, and French in the City of Light – This study abroad program offers everything for the beginner through advanced French speaker, including abundant elective classes taught in English, art courses offered in English or French, and the opportunity to study French abroad.

Learning in and out of the classroom – A great part of Semester in Paris is learning both in and out of the classroom.  All courses taught in English have an excursion component which truly brings the classroom to life throughout Paris and beyond. You won’t just read about a painting or historic monument in class, you’ll go see it in person and really understand the artist’s perspective or historical context. During the first month of your semester, you will also take part in a 3 credit French Language and Civilization class to further deepen your understanding of Francophone culture.

Living with fellow students in great local housing– Live in cool, furnished housing and get to know the other CISabroad students from all over the US.