Semester in Paris

Study French in Paris or take courses instructed in English at Institute Catholique de Paris. In Paris, you will truly fall in love with "The City of Light" and live in one of the most cosmopolitan and romantic cities in the world!

Semester in Paris offers many courses to greatly improve your French language while studying various aspects of French Culture while living in the heart of the city. You will truly feel immersed into life in Paris!

We’re with you every step of the way. At CISabroad, all our advisors have studied or lived abroad, so we can help you get the most out of your experience. Many of the people in our office are Francophiles, and we’re certain you’ll become one too! We’re also dedicated to making the most of your experience in Paris, which is why we offer one of the most affordable opportunities for students to study French in Paris for a semester.

Turn Paris into your classroom for the semester. Admire the intricate beauty of Notre Dame, sit and read in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, or practice your French at a local patisserie on the way to class.

Paris – What can we say? Fountains, fashion, cafés, croissants...Paris has something for everyone, including courses in your major or minor.

Art, Culture, Electives, and French in the City of Light – This study abroad program offers everything for the beginner through advanced French speaker, including abundant elective classes taught in English.

If you've ever wanted to study abroad in France, then check out our Semester in Paris program.  Here are a few of the key highlights that make this program unique.

  • Location, location, location. You will be studying in the heart of Paris.
  • French language and culture courses available, as well as courses  taught in English
  • Majoring in French, this is the program to apply to in order to gain more language and cultural learning necessary for your degrees
  • Hone your history, literature, or cinema knowledge with the world’s greatest masters and Paris as your inspiration
  • Study French in Paris: French classes tailored to your proficiency, whether beginner or advanced
  • Off campus apartments furnished with modern amentities!

*cannot be combined with any other promotion.


On the Semester in Paris program, you will live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world while taking a variety of courses at the Institut Catholique de Paris.

GPA Required: 2.5. 

How to choose your courses: Now the fun part! As part of the application process you will be required to complete the CISabroad Course Selection Worksheet found in the CISabroad Application Page. The following instructions will guide you through the steps of choosing your courses.

Course load: First, choose the number of course hours that work for your academic level and schedule.  Students take either 18 hours (equal to roughly 15 US Credits, generally a 4 or 5-course semester schedule) or 21 hours (equal to roughly 16-18 US credits, generally a 5 or 6 course semester schedule). See the prices and dates tab to compare program fees for the 18 and 21 hour options.

All students must take at least 6-12 hours of French language instruction (based on level, see below), and can choose to fill their remaining 18 or 21 credit hours with additional French instruction or electives instructed in either French or English. 

Course approval: Before you go abroad, it is best to get the required classes approved as well as 3 or 4 electives. This gives you some flexibility in setting up your class schedule. Think about courses required for your major, but also courses that fulfill your elective requirements.


General French:

Depending on your level, students must register for at least 6 credit hours of French language instruction.

Beginners (A1-A2) must take at least 12 hours of "General French" per week. 

French Language Courses by Skill:

Higher level French speakers (A2-C2) can take "French Courses by Skill" that are divided into Oral French, Phonetics, and Written French. Each of these are 3 credit hours each.

French Civilization Courses: 

Conducted in French, there are approximately 6 out of 25 of these courses offered per semester that range in subject matter but are designed for upper level students interested in taking courses instructed in French. All French Subject Courses are 3 hours per week each (in a 12-week semester that equal 36 in-class hours) and span the following fields: 


  • Contemporary Art
  • Fashion in France
  • Contemporary French Cinema
  • Politics and Economics in France & Europe
  • Philosophy in France
  • Culture and Gastronomy in France Cultural Studies
  • Discovering French Culture Cultural Studies 
  • French Women and Fashion Film Studies
  • Paris in French Cinema 
  • French Language & Literature (Elementary)


For a list possible courses in French Language and French Civilization courses please click here.

English Courses:

Also offered are civilisation courses instructed in English, which are 4 credit hours each (approximately 3 US credits). 

These courses cover History, Humanities, Literature, Research, Art History, International Relations, Politics, and Cinema to name a few. 
The English elective courses for the 2016/2017 term are:

Nicoletta Marchionne was born and grew up in Rome. Nicoletta studied French and French culture since high school and fell in love with Paris years ago and has been a frequent visitor to the "City of Lights" ever since; she is curious, energetic, and passionate for International Education and most of all is looking forward to sharing the beauties of Paris with you and make sure you get the most out of your experience abroad.

She studied international relations at RomaTre university, and it was here, during her college years that Nicoletta discovered her interest for study abroad: Through an internship program with an American Study Abroad Program she worked as a cultural mediator and Student Life /Housing assistant supervisor for over 2 years. 

In 2013 Nicoletta joined the Pantheon Institute in Rome as housing and student life assistant; and left her home country in 2014 for Cork, Ireland to work as branch manager for EazyCity, a company which provides housing and other on site services to International students and travellers. Confident that the field of international education is where she belongs, she is thrilled to move to Paris to start a new amazing adventure as CIS site director.

Travel Tip: "When you are in Paris, wander the streets, stroll along the Seine (mind the bikes!) and fall in love with the atmosphere of the city. Sit in a café and take in Paris as locals do!"

Did you know that 70% of all CISabroad students receive scholarships or grants to study or intern abroad? You can get a grant for something as simple as applying early, or a scholarship for blogging. 

For details on all scholarship and grant offerings and to apply, please click here.

Live in one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world! Paris is famous for its romantic atmosphere, rich history, and incredible influence on fashion, design, art, cuisine, and culture. You’ll never be bored in this incredible city.

While in Paris, you can visit the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, the Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Moulin Rouge, and many more famous landmarks. You should also be sure to check out all of the many museums, art galleries, gardens, and monuments around the city. After taking in the beauty of strolling down a Parisian street during the day, go out and experience the city’s famous nightlife! 

Even though the city is large, with roughly 12 million residents, it’s easy to get around with the unique layout of the streets and districts. They form a clockwise spiral out from the city center, so you always have a point of reference should you get lost. If you want to get out and explore the rest of Paris, the rest of France, or even the rest of Europe, there’s an easy transportation system of bikes, taxis, buses, trains, and planes to help you out.

Our Semester in Paris program is located at Institute Catholique de Paris. Founded in 1875, Institute Catholique de Paris is accredited by the Ministère de l'Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche, France. A well known private university, located near the Paris' Latin Quarter, Luxembourg Gardens, and St. Germain des Près. 

The University instructs in both French and English. Whether you attend to improve your French or take courses in your major, instructed in English, you will learn French by enrolling in a required language and culture course. The Catholic University of Paris is a not-for-profit organisation according to the law of 1901, of recognised common public interest. Under the joint authority of the Holy See (Congregation for Catholic Education) and the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research, it issues state diplomas (degree, masters and PhD), canonical diplomas and its own diplomas.

As a Semester in Paris student, you will receive excellent support. You will be picked up at the airport by a member of CISabroad onsite support and taken to your housing. Within a few days of your arrival, an extensive orientation program will introduce you to life in Paris, general health and safety, and your new university. 

While in Paris you have opportunities to be fully immersed through our La Vida Local programming. There are also several clubs and activities that are part of the Institute Catholique de Paris. Our alumni recommend that you take full advantage of what is available to you, engage, join and participate. Membership to join clubs are additional fees, but students from all over the world living and studying in Paris are waiting to be your new friend.

Your housing in Paris, France will be within a 30 minute walk to campus. You will live in off-campus shared apartments, double occupancy in traditional french neighbourhoods with modern living arrangements. Apartments may be co-ed, but shared rooms are same gender.

The following list of amenities are included in the housing:

  • Fully outfitted kitchens, including appliances, pots and pans, dishes and dining implements in each apartment
  • Washing machine and drying racks in apartment; no drier (Parisians don’t use them.) 
  • Fast and reliable hi-speed wifi in each apartment
  • Monthly cleaning services 
  • Clean, comfortable linens and towels included.
  • Bed Sizes:(90cm x 200cm) 
  • A dining table and chairs for everyone 
  • A living area with soft seating for everyone 
  • A welcome package that explains everything
  • On-line, on-call maintenance service 
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Renters' insurance

1. What is the cost of the program? What is included in the program fees?

The program cost for Semester in Paris can be found here.

2. When are the program fees due?

Program fees for Semester in Paris are due on December 15th for Spring term and July 15th for Fall term. CISabroad will email invoices to students approximately one month before the program payment deadline. For example, if your payment deadline is July 15, you should expect your invoice in mid-June. If you are using financial aid, please ensure all financial aid paperwork is returned to our office by the payment deadline. If your financial aid does not cover your entire balance, CISabroad accepts these payment methods.

3. What is due with my application and when is my application due?

The application process can be broken into easy steps!

1. The first step is to fill out the online application, which includes your contact information, what program you are applying for, etc. (Only takes five minutes!)

2. After filling out the online application, an advisor from our Global Advising Center will grant you portal access with a set of preliminary forms. 

3. The next step is to pay the $200 application deposit in order to secure your space in the program. This amount will be applied toward the final cost. 

4. Within a day after submitting your deposit, you will receive a welcome email from your Program Coordinator—the person you will work with until departure. Your Program Coordinator will then give you program-specific items in your portal. (Note: Both preliminary portal pieces and program-specific tasks must be completed by the application deadline.)

#CISabroadTip: Contact your school’s registrar and have them send us your transcript early on in the application process (you can send us your transcript even before you’ve made the $200 deposit!) since snail mail makes this the slowest piece to submit. (We also accept electronic OFFICIAL transcripts if your school provides them.)

For detailed instructions, see application instructions. For application deadlines, please check here or contact a CISabroad advisor at 1-877-617-9090.

4. Do I need a passport or visa? When should I apply for my passport/visa?

Yes, you WILL need a passport to travel to France. Your passport must be valid for 6 months BEYOND the date you return to the United States. For detailed passport instructions, U.S. citizens should check the State Department's Travel Site. For Semester in Paris, you WILL need a Long-Stay Student Visa. You will receive a packet with specific visa instructions once you have been accepted to the program.

5. Is there a GPA requirement?

Yes. For Semester in Paris, the GPA requirement is 2.5.

6. What are my housing options?

 Semester in Paris students will be living in shared apartments centrally located in Paris. You will have the option of a single room or double room. 

7. Will other students participate in the program with me? How many?

CISabroad programs are not only a great way to meet local and international students, but also students from around the United States. Program size varies each year - if enrollment size is important to you, contact a CISabroad advisor at 1-877-617-9090.

8. How many credits are offered in the program?

For Semester in Paris, you will take up to 5 classes for 15 U.S. credits. To see the courses available, go here

9. Can I combine this program with another CISabroad program like intern, summer, or semester abroad?

Yes! A great way to extend your CISabroad experience is participating in another program. Combine semester programs to create a full academic year or if an academic year is just a little too long and a semester is too short, combine a semester and summer session or a semester and January term program. You can also participate in a semester abroad and combine that with a summer intern abroad. To find out more information on the application process for more than one CISabroad program, contact a CISabroad advisor at 1-877-617-9090.

 As part of your semester in Paris you will have the opportunity to take part in the following excursions to get to know the culture and area better:

  • Paris City Tour (with visits to the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, Montmartre, and outdoor marchets) 
  • Versaille 
  • Fountainebleau 
  • Additionally, as an exclusive on this program you will also take part in a long weekend excursion to another region of France! See the sights and sounds of not one but now two of Europe's bustling cities filled with history, art, great cuisine, and local culture. Possible locations include: Mont Staint-Michel, Aix-en-Provence, Lyon, Avignon.
Term: Fall 2017
Arrival September 8
CISabroad Orientation September 9 - September 10
Classes Start September 19
Departure December 23
Application Deadline Early May
Term: Spring 2017
Arrival Approx. Early February
Classes Start Mid February
Classes End Late May
Departure Late May
Application Deadline November 1
Term: Fall 2017 Price: $12,990 - $16,440* more info
Term: Spring 2017 Price: $12,990 - $16,440* more info

Dates posted here are for reference only and are subject to change. Please do not book flights until you have received the confirmed dates in your acceptance paperwork.

To view expected additional expenses for this program, click here.

Program fees are in US dollars and include the following:

  •  Two excursions and one overnight excursion
  •  Full-time tuition and fees (15 or 21 hour course options)
  •  Housing
  •  Academic advising
  •  Medical and accident insurance 
  •  CISabroad support services before, during, and after the program
  •  Financial aid counseling 
  •  Assistance with travel arrangements 
  •  Predeparture orientation
  •  Airport pickup
  •  CISabroad on-site orientation
  •  On-site support 
  •  University official transcript  
  •  Carbon offset of travel & Green Travel Guide


CISabroad  reserves the right to alter fees at any time due to currency fluctuations and/or fee changes made by our partner universities.