Semester in Aix en Provence

Spend your semester in beautiful southern France. Live in this tree-lined, mansion- filled city while studying French language and elective courses taught in English or French. C’est magnifique!

We’ve got academics to match almost anyone’s interests. Whether you want to study art or philosophy, in English or French, we’ve got you covered.

We’ll give you all the support you need. All of our CISabroad advisors have studied or lived abroad, and we love the chance to share our love of France with new travelers!

We’ll help you go green. We are committed to lessening our global impact by partnering with environmental organizations around the world, and by providing you with tips for going green while living abroad. You’ll also give back to the local community through service-learning opportunities during your time abroad.

Have you ever thought about studying abroad in France, but you’ve never taken any French? Have you already taken a few years of French and really want to improve your language skills? Whatever the case, we have the perfect program for you! Semester in Aix en Provence gives you all the academic flexibility you’ll need to make your semester in France a perfect fit. Start getting excited about:

Life in southern France – It’s said that southern France is the most beautiful part of the country, and it’s no wonder. With a mild Mediterranean climate, striking scenery, historic sites, and some of the best restaurants, it’s easy to fall in love with the area when you study abroad in France.

Academics for every need – Whether you want to start taking French, polish already excellent language skills, or simply take some courses, we’ve got the program for you. Semester in Aix en Provence has flexible academic offerings taught in English and French to ensure that you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Plenty of ways to get involved – Semester in Aix en Provence offers numerous service-learning opportunities that will get you involved both on campus and in your local community. What better way to truly immerse yourself in your new home?

An engaging, easy-to-navigate French city – Aix en Provence is a great place to live and study! The city is small enough that you can walk through the downtown area in about 15 minutes, but big enough to offer plenty of places to eat, shop, and explore.

There are many reasons to study abroad in Aix en Provence, but here are a few of the key highlights that make this program unique.

  • Diverse course offerings in English, and full-immersion French studies
  • 2–3 excursions included
  • Service-learning opportunities get you involved with your local community
  • Homestays with locals experienced in hosting English-speaking students
  • Life in the south of France
  • The charming, historic city of Aix en Provence
  • Close proximity to Mediterranean coast, beaches and seaside towns

While you’re in Aix en Provence with CISabroad, you will be exploring some of the fabulous sights France has to offer. Here are just a couple of the places you may be visiting:

As the saying goes, in Nice you can see naughty, you can see nice, and everything in between. A spectacular city on the Mediterranean coast, Nice has something for everyone. Nice offers major museums, ruins of an ancient Roman city, a romantic old-town and a buzzing restaurant scene. With all that going on, there’s no reason to say you didn’t have more than a nice time in Nice. 

Fontaine de Vaucluse
Located in the Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azure region in the south of France, Fontaine de Vaucluse, or ‘Spring of the Vaucluse’, is a commune town built around a spring at the foot of the Vaucluse Mountains. The spring is the largest in France, set at the foot of a cliff providing spectacular natural views. Fontaine de Vaucluse is also home to some ancient castle ruins, giving this small town a distinct feel of classic provincial France.

Les Baux
Set atop a rocky spur in the heart of the Alpilles Mountains, Les Baux has some spectacular views of the valley that it overlooks. Crowned by a castle built in the Middle Ages, Les Baux is now known as one of the most picturesque villages in France that will take you on an unforgettable journey into the past.

Le Luberon
Get a break from city life during this refreshing day trip. Le Luberon is known for its stunning countryside, numerous vineyards and orchards, and villages perched atop hilltops. Don't leave without buying delicious fresh produce at any of the numerous markets!

Semester in Aix en Provence is housed at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS).  SHSS offers a wide variety of courses taught in English and French, as well as French-language classes, in the following disciplines: archeology, art history, business, civilization, comparative literature, economics, education, film, government, history, philosophy, political science, psychology, studio art, theater, and the French language (beginner to advanced). In addition, if your French is advanced (at least 4 college semesters of French or the equivalent), you are eligible to take courses taught in French at the University of Aix-Marseille or enroll in the French Honors Program.

GPA Required: 2.5. If you find your GPA is lower than the requirement, do not despair! Use the "Contact An Advisor" button on this page or call us to let us know your situation. We'll do all we can to find the right program for you.

How to choose your courses
Now the fun part! As part of the application process you will be required to complete the CISabroad Course Selection Worksheet found in the CISabroad Application Page. The following instructions will guide you through the steps of choosing your courses.

Course load: 5 classes (15 US credits). If you wish to take fewer than 5 courses, you must receive approval from your home university prior to going overseas.

Course approval:  Before you go abroad, it is best to get 7–8 classes approved. This gives you some flexibility in setting up your class schedule. Think about courses required for your major, but also courses that fulfill your elective requirements.

Course descriptions and catalog: To see a list of courses offered at IAU College, please click here

You will be notified of what courses you are registered for approximately a month before the beginning of your program.

Helpful information
You will be required to take at least one French-language course (you are living in France, after all). If you’ve never taken French, you’ll need to take a 6-credit introductory course, because we want you to know enough French to make the most of your time abroad!

*Please note: An additional fee of $260 will be charged to all Semester in Aix en Provence students enrolling in a Marchutz studio art course.

Did you know that 70% of all CISabroad students receive scholarships or grants to study or intern abroad? You can get a grant for something as simple as applying early, or a scholarship for blogging. 

For details on all scholarship and grant offerings and to apply, please click here.

Ancient yet youthful, Aix en Provence has always been a crossroads, a place of excitement and learning. The city boasts one of the best universities in France and is dedicated to warmly welcoming its students while preserving the intellectual, visual, and cultural pleasures associated with the finest aspects of life in France. Plus, a growing number of international businesses have brought an enriching influx of people from all over the world.

Being a university town, Aix naturally provides an intellectual environment. The many concerts, summer festivals, libraries, museums, bookstores, markets, and cafés have earned Aix its reputation as one of France's most engaging cities.  One popular idea is to visit sites in the city where post-impressionist painter Paul Cezanne was born and where he created his many beautiful paintings.

The city is highly accessible to all visitors, and is small enough that one can walk across the main part of town in 15 minutes. Aix’s proximity to the Mediterranean coast lets you enjoy beaches and seaside towns. For those that want to travel the area, Aix en Provence offers a system of trains, buses, and taxis and the nearby Marseille/Provence airport lets you take advantage of low-cost flights to the rest of Europe and northern Africa.

Our Semester in Aix-en-Provence program is located at IAU College (formerly the Institute for American Universities). Founded in 1957, IAU holds an Absolute Charter awarded by the Regents of the State University of New York, is registered with the French Ministry of Education, and recognized by the Recteur of the Université d’Aix-Marseille.

IAU College is one of the oldest and largest education-abroad sites in Europe, providing students with academic programs of intellectual substance and international focus in the fertile foreign setting of the south of France. IAU is comprised of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences (formerly known as the Aix Center), the Marchutz School of Fine Arts (formerly known as Marchutz School of Art), the School of Business and the French Honors Program.  IAU is located in the beautiful old section of Aix en Provence, once a medieval village. It prides itself on the diversity of its humanities, social science, and fine arts course offerings in both French and English, which lets students with all levels of French-language proficiency benefit from a study abroad experience.

Students will have access to a student union, computer labs, and a medical center on campus.  Some of the facilities offered by the school include a library with electronic databases and a permanent collection, a student lounge, and a safe and secure campus.  Staff at IAU College strives to assist students in any way they can to ensure students have the best experience possible.

As a CISabroad study abroad student, you’ll get outstanding support throughout the experience. We’re with you every step of the way with academic advising, personal help, and cultural counseling. We’ll make sure that when you arrive in France you start your journey right, by having a CISabroad staff member meet you at the airport and bring you to your accommodations. 

Your program will begin with a detailed orientation that will familiarize you with IAU College and your new city. You’ll hear about housing, cross-cultural adaptation, safety and security, banking, and the various social and recreational activities available to you, including a language exchange program, sports, ski trips, the local gyms, and excursions included in your program!

Once your semester begins, you’ll have ample opportunities to get involved in your new community. Many students on Semester in Aix en Provence participate in the campus service-learning program. Previous volunteer opportunities have included helping elementary and middle school children with English, olive picking, olive-tree trimming, and planting new trees around the city.

Once you arrive in Aix en Provence and start getting involved on campus and in the community, we know you’ll love your new home away from home!

During your semester, you will be living in a home with a French family. This home stay will greatly aid you in assimilating to life in Aix en Provence. Your hosts have been carefully selected, and many of them have hosted American students for several years. 

Most of the homes are a 15 to 35-minute walk from the university. The stay includes either a single or a double bedroom, daily breakfast and six dinners per week. The family will provide bed linens, pillows, and blankets for you to use, although you will need to bring your own towel. Your room will be cleaned each week, and you will usually be provided with one load of laundry per week. There is also generally Internet access at the home, and you’ll have access to Internet in cafés around the city.

After studying abroad, many students report that home stays are their favorite part of the experience. You’ll become a part of the family, be able to improve your French, and get insiders tips for how best to enjoy Aix en Provence!

1. What is the cost of program tuition? What is included in the program fees?

The program cost for Semester in Aix en Provence can be found here.

2. When are the program fees due?

Program fees for Semester in Aix en Provence are generally due 45 days prior to the start of the program. CISabroad will email invoices to students approximately one month before the program payment deadline with specific due dates. For example, if your payment deadline is July 15, you should expect your invoice in mid-June. If you are using financial aid, please ensure all financial aid paperwork is returned to our office by the payment deadline. If your financial aid does not cover your entire balance, CISabroad accepts these payment methods.

3. What is due with my application and when is my application due?

The application process can be broken into easy steps!

1. The first step is to fill out the online application, which includes your contact information, what program you are applying for, etc. (Only takes five minutes!)

2. After filling out the online application, an advisor from our Global Advising Center will grant you portal access with a set of preliminary forms. 

3. The next step is to pay the $200 application deposit in order to secure your space in the program. This amount will be applied toward the final cost. 

4. Within a day after submitting your deposit, you will receive a welcome email from your Program Coordinator—the person you will work with until departure. Your Program Coordinator will then give you program-specific items in your portal. (Note: Both preliminary portal pieces and program-specific tasks must be completed by the application deadline.)

#CISabroadTip: Contact your school’s registrar and have them send us your transcript early on in the application process (you can send us your transcript even before you’ve made the $200 deposit!) since snail mail makes this the slowest piece to submit. (We also accept electronic OFFICIAL transcripts if your school provides them.)

For detailed instructions, see application instructions. The application deadline for Semester in Aix en Provence is October 15th for Spring term and April 15th for Fall term.

4. Do I need a passport or visa? When should I apply for my passport/visa?

Yes, you do need a passport to travel to France. Your passport must be valid for 6 months BEYOND the date you return to the United States. For detailed passport instructions, U.S. citizens should check the State Department's Travel Site. For Semester in Aix en Provence, you WILL need a Long-Stay Student Visa. You will receive a packet with specific visa instructions once you have been accepted to the program.

5. Is there a GPA requirement?

Yes. For Semester in Aix en Provence, the GPA requirement is 2.5. 

6. What are my housing options? 

Semester in Aix en Provence offers homestays with families throughout Aix en Provence.

7. Will other students participate in the program with me? How many?

CISabroad programs are not only a great way to meet local and international students, but also students from around the United States. Program size varies each year - if enrollment size is important to you, contact a CISabroad advisor at 1-877-617-9090.

8. How many credits are offered in the program?

For Semester in Aix en Provence, you will take 5-6 classes for 15-18 U.S. credits. To see the courses available, go here.

9. Can I combine this program with another CISabroad program like intern, summer, or semester abroad?

Yes! A great way to extend your CISabroad experience is participating in another program. Combine semester programs to create a full academic year or if an academic year is just a little too long and a semester is too short, combine a semester and summer session or a semester and January term program. You can also participate in a semester abroad and combine that with a summer intern abroad. To find out more information on the application process for more than one CISabroad program, contact a CISabroad advisor at 1-877-617-9090.

Term: Fall 2017
Arrival Fall 2016 Early Start with Intensive French: September 3; General Arrival: September 10
CISabroad Orientation September 12 - September 13
Classes Start September 14
Classes End December 15
Departure December 21
Application Deadline April 15
Term: Spring 2017
Arrival Spring 2017 Early Start with Intensive French: January 14; General Arrival: January 21
CISabroad Orientation January 23 - January 24
Classes Start January 25
Classes End May 8
Departure May 14
Application Deadline October 15
Term: Fall 2017 Price: $17,990* more info
Term: Spring 2017 Price: $17,990* more info

Dates posted here are for reference only and are subject to change. Please do not book flights until you have received the confirmed dates in your acceptance paperwork. To view expected additional expenses for this program, click here

Program fees are in US dollars and include the following:

  • Full-time tuition and fees Housing (daily breakfast and 6 dinners per week) 
  • Medical and accident insurance
  • CISabroad support services before, during, and after the program 
  • Academic advising Financial aid counseling 
  • Assistance with travel arrangements 
  • Predeparture orientation 
  • Airport pickup 
  • 2 day trips
  • On-site support IAU 
  • College official transcript
  • Carbon offset of travel & Green Travel Guide
  • CISabroad reserves the right to alter fees at any time due to currency fluctuations and/or fee changes made by our partner universities