Semester in China

Program Spotlight Culture, history, and full language immersion await! Spend the semester getting to know China’s language, history, and culture while living in the heart of Beijing on a Chinese campus where all students know at least some English.

Semester in China puts you in the heart of campus where you will live in one of the on-campus dormitories at UIBE.  You will live in a two-person flat (or apartment) that includes a shared room with two beds, air conditioner, living room with television, a basic kitchen, water heater, two desks and a bathroom.  Bed linens, pillows, quilts, kettles, chairs, and a reading lamp are also provided. Internet access is available to students for a small fee. Like in all of China, students will be expected to pay for their own utilities but this is generally less than $40 per month. Students will be responsible for their own meals but western food is offered near the housing building and there are several shopping centers in the area.