Semester in Newcastle

Our most affordable Australian semester program, on a sustainable, bushland campus. From Digital Arts and Alchemy to Water Engineering and Australian Flora, you’ll find unexpected courses on your Semester in Newcastle.

Study abroad in an idyllic, beachside Australian city! On our Semester in Newcastle Program, you’ll get to study at an excellent university with a stunning, ecologically sustainable campus and experience the true Aussie lifestyle.  The city of Newcastle boasts wonderful beaches for surfing and swimming, a low cost of living, a very favorable climate, and a casual lifestyle. The University of Newcastle is recognized internationally for both its academic excellence and its stunning, ecologically sustainable campus. On Semester in Newcastle, you’ll get:

Low-cost program in a laid-back city - Our Semester in Newcastle is one of the most affordable study abroad programs in Australia, and Newcastle boasts a casual lifestyle. 

Stunning bushland campus – Imagine walking to class on a cobblestone path that winds through lush low-growth forest, or past beautiful gardens with exotic flora and fauna. That barely scratches the surface of what makes the campus in Newcastle unique.

A true Australian University – Through the University’s active student union and numerous social and sports clubs, you’ll meet tons of Aussie and international students and get right into the groove of a true Australian education experience.

Breadth of academics – From Digital Arts and Alchemy to Water Engineering and Australian Flora, you’ll find not only the expected courses in your major but also some you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

CISabroad Adventure Orientation – This stellar orientation in Australia will acquaint you with the local culture and get you accustomed to the Aussie way of life.