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CISabroad study abroad programs offer exceptional support, fun activities and a variety of courses. Choose from programs in 19 countries at host institutions ranging from large, English-speaking universities to small language and culture focused study centers. We offer the BEST VALUE in study abroad, guaranteed!

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Study Abroad Program Spotlight

Semester in Sydney
Semester in Sydney Australia

Sydney is known for its stunning ocean views, iconic opera house, and lush landscapes. An activities-packed student union and sports association mean you’re sure to make friends quickly.

Semester in China
Semester in China China

Culture, history, and full language immersion await! Spend the semester getting to know China’s language, history, and culture while living in the heart of Beijing on a Chinese campus where all students know at least some English.

Semester in Costa Rica
Semester in Costa Rica Costa Rica

Study in English or Spanish in the bustling capital city of San José. Explore nearby volcanoes, go zip lining in the rainforest, and get to know Costa Rican culture while sipping some of the best coffee in the world.

Semester in Business and Economics, Prague
Semester in Business and Economics, Prague Czech Republic

Study Central and East European economies and societies while living in one of Europe’s most beautiful, historic cities. The curriculum is designed specifically for international students majoring in business, economics, and finance.

The London Semester
The London Semester England

Study in lively London without the huge price tag! Live on a traditional British campus, with unique creative writing, dance, and psychology programs and courses in all major subjects.

Semester in Florence
Semester in Florence Italy

Study and explore in the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. The Duomo, the Medici Chapel, and the Galleria dell’Academia are all next door with this affordable semester option.

Semester in Perugia
Semester in Perugia Italy

A custom study abroad experience in Italy’s college town! World-class academics, warm weather, incredible cuisine, and a young, vibrant atmosphere in the heart of a cosmopolitan city.

Semester in Cusco
Semester in Cusco Peru

Immerse yourself in the center of Incan culture as you study Spanish- language and Peru-focused courses taught in English. Our program includes a trip to one of the Seven Wonders of the World: Machu Picchu!

The Barcelona Semester
The Barcelona Semester Spain

A superb study abroad experience awaits you in this beautiful Mediterranean city: exciting excursions throughout Spain, white-sand beaches only a short distance away, and courses in history, community development, health, and more!

Study Internship in London
Study Internship in London England

Imagine spending a semester not only living and studying, but also working in the heart of London! Split your time between studying whatever your heart desires while gaining professional experience working alongside Londoners and internationals from around the world.

Semester in Oman
Semester in Oman Oman

Experience the culture of ancient Arabia in a safe and modern Oman. Great for majors in women studies, Middle Eastern Studies, international relations, geology and archaeology - everyone wanting to improve cultural understanding will find Oman the perfect study abroad destination!

Semester on the Gold Coast
Semester on the Gold Coast Australia

World-class academics and the surf at your doorstep. On Semester on the Gold Coast, you’ll study with a diverse international student body at the top university in Australia - which happens to be smack in the middle of paradise.

Semester in Bendigo
Semester in Bendigo Australia

Kangaroos on campus, life in a small Australian city, and a superb Outdoor and Adventure Education program! If you are looking for an authentic Aussie experience—wildlife included—then this is for you.

Semester in Melbourne
Semester in Melbourne Australia

Study in Melbourne, the cultural capital of Australia, birthplace of Australian film and art. Here you'll find a vibrant campus as well as a student-friendly city life.

Semester in Newcastle
Semester in Newcastle Australia

Our most affordable Australian semester program, on a sustainable, bushland campus. From Digital Arts and Alchemy to Water Engineering and Australian Flora, you’ll find unexpected courses on your Semester in Newcastle.

Semester in Ecuador
Semester in Ecuador Ecuador

Take your education to new heights in the heart of the Andes! Live and learn in Ecuador, a country of stunning contrasts, and study in Spanish with international and local students at a highly ranked private university.

Semester at University of Westminster
Semester at University of Westminster England

Picture yourself living in the heart of London. You won’t just read Shakespeare in the classroom - you’ll go see it performed live in the Globe Theatre. The city is your classroom!

Semester in Germany
Semester in Germany Germany

Experience all the southwest Germany has to offer on the campus of the Hochschule Reutlingen. Near the major city of Stuttgart, Reutlingen is located between the Black Forest and the Swabian Jura, both areas of geographical interest and beauty. The town’s center boasts remnants of a city wall and medieval fortifications.

Semester in Aix en Provence
Semester in Aix en Provence France

Spend your semester in beautiful southern France. Live in this tree-lined, mansion- filled city while studying French language and elective courses taught in English or French. C’est magnifique!

Semester in Ghana
Semester in Ghana Ghana

Learn about Ghana with classes in subjects like West African music and dance, African foreign relations, and sustainable development. Best of all, study with local professors and students while immersing yourself in the traditions of this beautiful, coastal city.

Semester in Hawaii
Semester in Hawaii USA-Hawaii

Want to study and live minutes from the best beaches in the world? Take classes at a fantastic private university, learn more about the friendly “Aloha Spirit,” and explore rain forests, volcanoes, and deserted islands on the weekends.

Semester in Dublin
Semester in Dublin Ireland

Who wouldn’t want to study in the land of James Joyce, leprechauns, and Lord of the Dance? Explore the quaint bookstores, walk the cobblestone streets, and listen to traditional music in the pubs while studying at one of the best universities in Ireland.

Semester in Limerick
Semester in Limerick Ireland

Study at a well-regarded university in a tranquil part of Ireland without breaking the bank. Explore castles, stroll along the Shannon River, and learn the fiddle alongside your Irish friends.

Semester Architecture Studies in Rome
Semester Architecture Studies in Rome Italy

Collaborate with Italian students and professionals as you work on local expansion, renovation, and restoration projects. Rome’s timeless monuments and piazzas are your classroom!

Semester in Rome
Semester in Rome Italy

Open-air cafés, quaint outdoor markets, and timeless monuments await you! Study art history, business, international relations and more on-site in the historic city of Rome.

Semester at University of Barcelona
Semester at University of Barcelona Spain

Study Spanish language and culture during the fall, spring or for an entire year at a renowned university in vibrant Barcelona! We'll make sure you make the most of your time through frequent social and cultural activities, excursions and exceptional staff support.

Semester in Mexico
Semester in Mexico Mexico

Spend a semester studying at one of the top language schools in the world. Live in the stable, safe city of Cuernavaca, a gathering place for artists, intellectuals, and film stars.

Semester on the North Island, New Zealand
Semester on the North Island, New Zealand New Zealand

Live in this sea-side, metropolitan city with more cafés per capita than New York City. Take a broad range of courses from environmental science to Maori culture, and enjoy the boundless adventure opportunities nearby.

Semester on the South Island, New Zealand
Semester on the South Island, New Zealand New Zealand

From sea kayaking and mountaineering to wine tasting and sheep shearing, you’ll love all that the South Island has to offer. Your Kiwi host (local New Zealand student) will show you around your new home at the country’s oldest university.

Semester in Lima
Semester in Lima Peru

Learn about the Spanish language and the local culture from top professors, alongside students from Lima and around the world. Go sand boarding, visit the highland towns of the Andes, and explore Islas Ballestas to check out penguins, seals, and sea lions.

Semester in Edinburgh
Semester in Edinburgh Scotland

The city of Edinburgh is truly amazing, combining medieval Old Town, neoclassical New Town, and award-winning modern architecture. Study at one of the top two new universities in the UK.

Semester in Stirling
Semester in Stirling Scotland

There’s a castle on campus, seriously…study on an 18th-century estate in the Scottish highlands! This highly affordable program means you can live your dream of studying in Scotland without breaking the bank.

Semester in South Africa
Semester in South Africa South Africa

Study in the heart of the Cape Winelands, in the country’s oldest college town. Debate South African politics with the Political Club, learn to sail with the yacht club, or take a world-famous safari to see the Big 5 (lion, leopard, elephant, rhino, buffalo).

Semester at Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona
Semester at Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona Spain

Enjoy strong academics, a gorgeous campus, proximity to a coastline of white-sand beaches, and an exciting, cosmopolitan city that never sleeps. You will have the opportunity to soak up all that Barcelona has to offer both inside and outside of the classroom.

Semester in Thailand
Semester in Thailand Thailand

Live in Salaya, with an easy access to Bangkok, a warm and friendly city in the heart of Indochina. You’ll take classes with Thai and international students, study in English, and have plenty of time to ride elephants, explore ancient ruins, and venture into amazing jungles.

Semester in Argentina
Semester in Argentina Argentina

Take courses in English or Spanish. Live and study in beautiful, vibrant Buenos Aires. Study abroad during the fall, spring or a full year in the city known for being a cultural hybrid, blending both European and Latin American elements. As birthplace of the tango with a pleasant climate and cafe culture, Argentina is a truly unique place in which to study abroad!

Greek Life Leadership in Florence
Greek Life Leadership in Florence Italy

Greek members rejoice! There's a summer study abroad program specifically for you that focuses on service and leadership. Earn 4 credits in a month that combines community service, leadership seminars, classroom studies, field trips, excursions, cultural activities, and more!

City Expeditions: London and Barcelona
City Expeditions: London and Barcelona Multi-Country

London and Barcelona are two of Europe's most exciting cities. On City Expeditions: London and Barcelona, you will not only explore these two great cities, but also have the chance to study art, business, and local culture while getting to know local hangouts.

January in France, Spain, Morocco, and Turkey
January in France, Spain, Morocco, and Turkey Multi-Country

Visit four countries and 12 cities in three weeks. Experience everything from the markets of Morocco to the museums of Madrid on this engaging January Term travel-study program. Focus on European-North African relations as you take a comparative approach to study abroad.

Semester in Madrid at Universidad Antonio de Nebrija
Semester in Madrid at Universidad Antonio de Nebrija Spain

Experience Spain's largest city while getting the benefits of the small, supportive campus community! You'll be able to fully immerse yourself in Spanish language and culture during your semester in Madrid with this program while also being able to take courses in English and mingle with international students from around the world.