New Zealand

You've seen the beauty of New Zealand in Lord of the Rings, now experience it for yourself! Sunny beaches, ice glaciers, and lush rainforests are just a few of the pristine locations to explore. Enjoy skiing to surfing, skydiving to bungee jumping, hiking to kayaking, and much more!
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Semester on the North Island, New Zealand

New Zealand

Live in this sea-side, metropolitan city with more cafés per capita than New York City. Take a broad range of courses from environmental science to Maori culture, and enjoy the boundless adventure opportunities nearby.

Semester on the South Island, New Zealand

New Zealand

From sea kayaking and mountaineering to wine tasting and sheep shearing, you’ll love all that the South Island has to offer. Your Kiwi host (local New Zealand student) will show you around your new home at the country’s oldest university.

Intern in New Zealand

New Zealand

Gain practical experience while immersing yourself in the Kiwis’ friendly workplace and lively, modern Pacifica culture. Month-long to year-long placements are available.

January in New Zealand

New Zealand

Escape the winter blues with summer in the Southern Hemisphere! World- class academics, a youthful city, and the picturesque landscapes of New Zealand await!

Summer in New Zealand

New Zealand

Exchange a little summer for a little winter in Dunedin, New Zealand. Enjoy world-class academics, picturesque landscapes, and a youthful city bustling with students. On the Summer in New Zealand program, you’ll get a taste of everything the country has to offer.

New Zealand is the perfect place to study or intern abroad! You’ll live in one of the most beautiful and enchanting countries in the world when you study abroad in New Zealand. In addition to earning credits, you can also complete an international internship for up to a year in this incredible setting. You can choose a semester on either New Zealand’s North Island or South Island- either way, you can’t go wrong! If you don’t have time for a full semester abroad, we also offer a convenient January term study abroad program in New Zealand.

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University education in New Zealand is closer to the British than the American system, therefore you will find bachelor degrees to be three years long and the education more focused rather than "liberal". The academic year extends from late February or early March to November with a long summer vacation from mid-November to mid-February. For each course you are required to attend a given number of lectures, tutorials and/or laboratory periods per week. These are supplemented by personal reading and research. With this style of education, you develop independent study skills with a minimum of professional supervision. The grades you receive for tests, assignments and practical work count toward your final grade for a course.

Official name of country: New Zealand/Aotearoa

Population: 4.3 million

Capital City: Wellington

Time Difference: New Zealand is +12 GMT, so it is 16 hours ahead of the east coast and 19 hours ahead of the west coast.

National Anthem: “God Defend New Zealand”

National Animal: Kiwi (bird)

National Currency: New Zealand Dollar

National Sport: Rugby (unofficial)

Demography: While in New Zealand you will meet a variety of locals from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Although it has a relatively small population, New Zealand has a large percentage of foreign-born citizens. The largest group of people in the country claim European decent, mainly from Britain and Ireland. The Maori make up the second largest group in New Zealand and their unique language is the second official language on the islands. Asians are the third significant group in the country and their population is rapidly growing. Groups from various Pacific Islands also share a presence in New Zealand. This varied demography creates a rich blended culture.

Geography: In the heart of the South Pacific Ocean you will find the North and South Islands that make up New Zealand. The South Island is the larger of the two and contains the Southern Alps mountain range, forests, and fjords. The North Island is less mountainous but it is home to many volcanoes and thermal areas. Its location in the Southern Hemisphere creates seasons that are opposite of those we are used to in the US. The warm summer months are December to February and the cooler winter occurs from June to August. The maritime climate keeps temperatures fairly mild, but the weather can change rapidly so it’s best to always have a light jacket handy!

Famous People: Edmund Hillary (first man to conquer Mt Everest), Keisha Castle-Hughes (actress), Peter Jackson (director), Flight of the Conchords (comedic and musical duo), and Katherine Mansfield (novelist).

Great Movies: The Piano; Once Were Warriors; Heavenly Creatures; The World’s Fastest Indian; Black Sheep; Last of the Living; The Strength of Water.

New Zealand is a perfect study abroad destination since it is considered a safe, stable country. There is no need to be overly worried for your personal safety. As always, we urge you to exercise caution in any unfamiliar situations you may encounter. At orientation you will be advised of particular safety issues of which you should be aware. In New Zealand there are not any general health risks beyond those found in the US. While health insurance coverage is not required for visitors by the New Zealand government, CIS includes a comprehensive medical and accident insurance plan with all of our programs.