Intern in Australia

From six weeks to a year, in Sydney or Melbourne, you get to decide where you will intern and for how long. After hours, join your colleagues to soak up all Australia has to offer.

On Intern in Australia, you’ll find that our international internships are customized to match your interests and your desired length of stay in Australia. You can choose a 6, 8, or 12-week internship. You also get to choose where you want to intern. Do you want to live in historic Sydney or hip Melbourne? On Intern in Australia, you’ll experience:

A custom internship placement – We understand that you aren’t interning in Australia to brew coffee and make photocopies. Luckily, your internship in Australia is tailored to fit: we will find you a placement that takes into account your career goals, interests, and skills.

Your choice of accommodation Intern in Australia provides you with a few options when it comes to housing. You can do a homestay in Australia or share an apartment with other student interns who will also work in Sydney or Melbourne!

Live the “work hard, play hard” mentality – Although Australians take their workday quite seriously, they take their time off seriously as well. Catch an Aussie Rules Football match, hang out in a local pub, or go snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef with other interns. 

360° Networking Toolkit - You will receive business cards, resume/interview coaching, and an internship completion certificate. You’ll also gain access to a seminar series on topics such as developing and maximizing a LinkedIn account, interview expectations, adding the experience to your resume, and more! Jump-start your career with the CISabroad global network!