Health & Safety

Your safety and well-being abroad is our top priority. At CISabroad, we have several measures in place to ensure your safety and security, including pre-departure and onsite orientations, 24/7 emergency assistance in-country and in the United States, and comprehensive health insurance included in all of our programs.

At CISabroad we know our greatest responsibility is to ensure that we develop and implement programs that are safe, while encouraging our students to enjoy and explore the opportunities that life abroad offers. Here’s what we do to ensure your safety and health while on our programs:

Pre-departure orientation
On-site orientation
Careful choice of program locations
International Medical and Accident Insurance
24/7 Emergency Assistance and on-site support

Pre-departure orientation
We take double measures to ensure that you are fully prepared for any health and safety issues that may come up; once before you depart the U.S. and again when you arrive in the foreign country. During our web-based pre-departure preparations, we let you know what health and safety issues you might encounter when you arrive. At this time we also provide you with a wallet-sized Emergency Information Card that contains contact information of individuals in-country who will assist you with any issues that arise while you are abroad, be it emergency or otherwise.

On-site Orientation
Once you arrive, you will take part in an on-site orientation program that will highlight, again, local health and safety issues. At such time, you’ll also be given information regarding emergency procedures. These orientations will be led by Site Directors, host universities, or both.

Careful choice of program locations
We are also very careful in the locations we choose. First, we operate programs only in locations that are considered safe and stable as defined by the US Department of State. Once a program location has been determined and is up and running, we continuously monitor the situation in that country through 1) local news and contacts; 2) the U.S. Department of State website, and; 3) the professional organizations to which we belong. Many of our programs are based at universities overseas, thus we do not have to worry about our students "sticking out" as they are fully integrated into the university population. You go to class and live with local students so there are no distinctly American enclaves.

Medical and Accident Insurance
International medical and accident insurance is included on each CISabroad program. Each student receives an insurance card in their acceptance paperwork.  This insurance covers students for accidents and illness while on the program, and it also covers some pre-existing conditions.  Also, in the event that we had to cancel a program due to a natural disaster, we’d work with the insurance company to arrange evacuations.  We are well covered!

24/7 Emergency Assistance and on-site support
Finally, CISabroad offers 24 hour emergency assistance to our students and their parents in the U.S. and in-country. We have a U.S. hotline that is available for students and/or parents to call day or night, we have on-site contacts with 24 hour contact ability in all of our locations, and we have a network of local contacts (police, fire, hospital, embassy) with whom we can be in contact should the need arise.

More information
More information on our emergency guidelines & on-site plan, our medical insurance, safety tips, and FAQs are available on this section of our website. If you have any other questions about our preparedness for the safety of our students abroad, please do not hesitate to contact us, toll free at 877.617.9090 or via e-mail at We are more than happy to answer any of your questions and address any of your concerns. Remember, your safety is our number one priority.