As one of Africa's most peaceful and politically stable countries, Ghana is the perfect location for immersing yourself in the rich history and culture of an African country! Explore the renowned castles of Ghana that were created by European explorers and traders in the 15th century. Cape Coast Castle, Fort St. Jago, and Elmina Castle are some of the UNESCO World Heritage monuments we think you should check out.


Programs in Ghana

Semester in Ghana
Semester in Ghana Ghana

Learn about Ghana with classes in subjects like West African music and dance, African foreign relations, and sustainable development. Best of all, study with local professors and students while immersing yourself in the traditions of this beautiful, coastal city.

Summer in Ghana
Summer in Ghana Ghana

This unique program will take you through a diverse set of locales in Ghana, West Africa. Experience the culture and history of Ghana through song and dance, as well as workshops and performances by local groups. Earn up to 8 credits for this amazing 3-week program.