Czech Republic

Although it has only been a country since 1993, the Czech Republic is quickly becoming one of the most popular travel destinations in Central Europe! From Gothic to Baroque, Renaissance to Cubist, the architecture of Prague will leave you in awe as you walk the city's cobblestone streets.
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Semester in Business and Economics, Prague

Czech Republic

Study Central and East European economies and societies while living in one of Europe’s most beautiful, historic cities. The curriculum is designed specifically for international students majoring in business, economics, and finance.

Overall, the Czech Republic is a safe study abroad destination. Most of the crimes that occur are considered "petty". The most common crime experienced by tourists is pickpocketing, so carefully watch your belongings in crowded areas of the city. Common sense teamed with taking time and effort for precautions will leave you plenty of time to enjoy your stay. While health insurance coverage is not required for visitors by the Czech government, CIS includes a comprehensive medical and accident insurance plan with all of our programs.

Official name of country: Czech Republic

Nickname: City of One Thousand Spires

Population: 10.2 million

Capital City: Prague

Time Difference: The Czech Republic is +1 GMT, so it is 6 hours ahead of the east coast and 9 hours ahead of the west coast.

National Animal: Double-tailed lion

National Currency: Czech Crown

National Flower: Rose

National Tree: Lime

Festivals: The Czech Republic has a rich history of arts and culture that you can experience at festivals throughout the year. Operas, symphonies, and chamber music are a few of the highlights to look forward to at the Prague Spring International Music Festival. The multi-day Prague Fringe Festival showcases music, comedy, theater, and dance from around the world. Prague is also home to the International Folklore Festival, which will give you a taste of the many groups and cultures that make up this fascinating country.

Geography: Located in Central Europe, the Czech Republic is roughly the size of South Carolina and shares borders with Austria, Germany, Poland, and Slovakia. The western region of the country, Bohemia, contains a diverse terrain of mostly low mountains with plains, hills, and plateaus. To the east in Moravia, you will find miles of rolling, green hills. Overall, the climate in the Czech Republic is temperate and enjoyable. Summer term in Prague is warm, and rain showers are not uncommon so make sure to keep an umbrella handy. Autumn is warm and dry, but be prepared for snow and colder temperatures in the winter and early spring.

Famous People: Antonin Dvorak (composer), Franz Kafka (author), Dominik Hasek (Olympic gold medalist hockey player), Milos Forman (director), and Petra N?mcová (model).

Great Movies: The Shop on the Main Street; Closely Watched Trains; The Fireman’s Ball; Kolya; The End of the Good Old Days.

Your academic experience at the University of Economics and Anglo-American University in Prague will be similar to what you are accustomed to in the US. Class sizes are small and courses will be taught in English by local faculty. Written tests, assignments, and class attendance will all factor into your final letter grade.